6/17/94  Eagles Auditorium, Milwaukee, WI (Charlie Dirksen)
	The first set of this show was dull and I liquidated it, but the
second set is one of those EVENTS in Phishtory that all should experience.
The "OJ" Set (many references to OJ .. "run, OJ, run!"), it contains a
pretty straightforward Also-> Sample opening, but things get weird with
Poor Heart (probably my favorite version, just for Fish's OJ antics).  The
Mike'S Groove, which contains Simple, is *GREAT* (Hydrogen contains
"Simple" lyrics, too!), as is the Harpua (with a Voodoo Child tease!).
The Julius-> Frankenstein to close the set is pretty smokin', too.
Definitely not a run of the mill second set by any Stretch.