Michael A Wall Atlanta, GA - Lakewood Amp. - 6-15-95 Holy Shit! Excuse the french but this is going to be a show to grovel for. They opened with Friend which was completely jammming (though I'm kinda biased because I've never seen it live). Sparkle was it's regular "kick you shoes off and shack that booty" self. AC/DC Bag was fantastic, they had a fairly extended hard jam that had the audience freakin. Then the changed the pace to a little blugrass with Home Place and went into Taste which I predict to be thier first single release off thier next studio album which will have only songs that are about or mention water. Me thinks I like this song. Anyways, the went on to Wedge and I was completely stoked, it is such a completely fantastic song. Then came a good ole Stash that in the end I felt like they going into Cannonball like at Bomb Factory but instead they went into the most psychedelic freaked out version of I Didn't Know that exists on the planet. It was soooo slooooooow and chant like with kinda of a constatnt hmmmmmm in the background like some vocal jams I've heard. Then Tubbs comes out with a trombone (is this a first?) and plays long drawn out notes like a whale song or something. Meanwhile Trey is marching slowly around the stage shooting his ray-gun/megaphone over the audience and playing with the hundrted or so "burger balls" on stage (some one handed them out in the parking lot). Then when i was thinking this set is far to great, they cant make it any better they reached deep into their bag o' tricks and play freakin Fluffhead with a Trey goin on a psychedelic wa-wa peddle trip. Second set opened with a fairly standard shit-eatin grin My Sweet One. Then came Ha Ha Ha which I heard in Utah and liked it there, but when I heard it here I decided, "Yep, I really like it!" It's just a really cool kind of dark song. At the end they went into the whirling psychedlic craziness and started playing David Bowie! (which I had already heard in Missouri, but do you think I was dissapointed? Well I wasn't in the least!) David Bowie was sooo long and at one point I thought I was going cry it was so sweetly psychedelic. Then it just cooked sooo hard at the end that the boys couldn't help but take and bow and bask in the applause while the rested thier mutual fingertips. Then there was an aptly placed Strange Desire which is a nice smooth song that is kinda of Beatlesque in nature. Then they start with a bass line that I thought had to be a Velvet Underground song and it end up being Theme from the Bottom which was about 10min long and was sooooo gooood. Then came Scent which was pretty standard except the dual in the middle was exceptionally playful. Trey and Page threw a burger ball between each other and Page even played the piano with the burger ball. Page ruled the dual, he completely blew Trey out of the water. Then came an Acoustic Army which I have enjoyed before in a Classical Gas kind of way and was happy to hear it again. They closed out the set with a powerful Slave that had some acid-dripping synthesizer in the middle. I've only heard a few Slaves and this one completly blew those others away, no contest. The Encore housed Bouncing (my third this tour out of three shows) but I enjoyed it the way I usually do in a Bouncing kind of way. Then came Frankenstien which blew my brain completely off of it's stem it was so powerful. Now I know that everyone would like to say, "I think the boys really enjoyed playing tonight." after every concert. And they may very well enjoy playing at every show. However, I have never seen them having as much fun as they had last night. They were so smokin and they knew it. It kind of scares me about the future because if they get much better my brain willstart to overload at concerts. Some other side notes: Trey was wearing a brown condom cap that was pretty silly, security was pretty cool, lots of peoply chomping on mushrooms in the parking lot. And a final sad note: I saw an older man in the parking lot with a laminated picture of what I guess to be his daughter. He was standing at the exit looking at every one who was leaving trying to find her I guess. Anyways it was really sad and even if you think your parents are the uncoolest people in the world at least call them and tell them your alive. You may not worry about them but chances are they worry about you. Sorry for the downer and the "waste" of bandwidth. Later, Michael Wall
------------------------------ From: tlkalka@mailbox.syr.edu (Terrance L Kalka II) Subject: Phish in Atlanta - full review Date: 21 Jun 1995 03:55:52 GMT My apologies for the tardiness of this review. PHISH - The Coca-Cola Lakewood Ampitheatre Atlanta, Ga. June 15, 1995 Phish walked onstage at approximately 7:30 pm. Way early by Guns 'n' Roses standards, but a little late for Phish. The show was worth the wait. The band looked as it always has. Fish wore his usual orange donut dress, Mike had his pants rolled up, etc. Trey wore a wool cap for the duration of the show. MY FRIEND, MY FRIEND - The sound where I was (center of the lawn) was really good. It was very full and heavy, without being muddled. Mike's bass was frequently hard to hear, but the piano and drums sounded great. As the song went on, I noticed that it seemed a little slower than usual. More on that later. They carried on the spoken bit at the end for a little while, and Fish joined in. SPARKLE - Pretty standard and fun. Again, this didn't seem to fly like it usually does. AC/DC Bag - Surprisingly great. The harmonies were right on, and Trey played a fantastic solo. He was into the show from the 1st note, but the other guys weren't yet moving with him. They just played those chorus chords. Fish seemed to be dragging. He was holding the band down rather than helping it fly. MY OLD HOME PLACE - Pretty cool. Mike got a chance to stand out. TASTE - I'm not sure about the title here. This is a strange new song. Hints of If I Could. It's very syncopated, and I had a hard time finding the meter of the tune (this is a good thing!) THE WEDGE - A lot closer to the album version than the 1993 versions. A nice surprise. STASH - The song that made the difference. The middle jam sounded especially sick, but that's not where the action really was. The ending jam turned the evening around. Trey got into a little groove that he just held for minutes, and Fish played a real basic hi-hat and bass pattern. This is how they locked on. It's as if they slowed down to let Fish catch up, and then they took off together. This was a fantastic jam that went on for a long, long time. It slowed down again, but they were all together, and it got very spacy. Page built up a drone on his keyboards, and Trey started to sing I DIDN'T KNOW - By far the strangest version of this song ever. Page held that drone and they sang it very drawn-out and dreamy. Fishman ever-so-slowly edged to the microphone and blew a very simple trombone solo. Trey grabbed his megaphone and hit the "horn" button. He went over to the drums and started swinging the thing around so that everytime it got near a mic you could hear that tone fading in and out. They finished the song as it began. Weird and wonderful. FLUFFHEAD (-> FLUFF'S TRAVELS) - Fantastic. The vocals again were excellent. At this point it was dark enough to appreciate the lights, and they were beautiful. The played Travels as they always do, but it felt like it ended too soon. I know it didn't, but I wanted it to go on! RUN LIKE AN ANTELOPE - A 1st set Antelope. Glorious. Antelope. What more do you need to know? Set 2 MY SWEET ONE - This was cool to hear. I thought it was a strange way to open up the set. Ha ha - Another new one. I bet that in a year, this will be part of something larger. ->DAVID BOWIE - Fishman's hi-hat kicked into gear, while the rest of the group played sound effects. Trey counted it off, and away they went! And boy, did they go! This tune went anywhere and everywhere. 20 minutes later, it ended. One of my top two Bowies ever. STRANGE DESIGN - This is a very pretty song that Page sings. He blew a note or two, but it really didn't seem to matter. FEED FROM THE BOTTOM - My favorite of the new songs. They lyrics seem to be about fish ("I feed from the bottom, you feed from the top"). There's a great solo, with some cool vocal games at the end. SCENT OF A MULE - As advertised. Fiddler jam, etc. Someone (or more than one) brought a bunch of Wendy's inflatable "Burger Balls" to the show. By showtime, they were all over the stage. Trey and Page tossed one back and forth during the middle. ACOUSTIC MARCH - Unexpected instrumentation. All four on acoustic guitars. This sounded really pretty, but again, I bet there'll be more to it as time goes on. SLAVE TO THE TRAFFIC LIGHT - This is going to be a historic Slave. Excellent as always, the groove slowed down to about half-time and stayed that way until the end. It finished at kind of a ballad tempo. Gorgeous. Encore BOUNCING AROUND THE ROOM - The first time I've actually gotten to see this one performed. I was struck by precision of the vocals. FRANKENSTEIN - A nice hard rockin' way to end up. I'd like to get some details on the keyboard on top of Page's piano. I thought it was a Hohner Clavinet, but there's more going on than that. I think. Anyway, it was cool. Conclusion: Excellent show. Brilliant. I would never have mentioned all that stuff about Fishman in the beginning, except that the way they picked up in Stash has to heard to be believed. So, anyone got tapes? Peace Terry ------------------------------