6/11/94  Red Rocks Ampitheater, Morrison, CO (Charlie Dirksen)
	Mike G. mentioned before the Fall 94 tour that 5/7/94 and this
show were his personal favorites from the April-July tour.  I don't know
if he STILL really likes these shows, but I think they are well above the
norm.  This Red Rocks show is more fun to my ears than even 8/20/93
(Judas!!!!).  The first set You Enjoy Myself is one of my favorite
versions:  Trey's jamming is melodiously engaging and extremely thematic
(teary-eyed, to be sure).  The Stash to close the first isn't bad, and the
DWD jam segment is also quite bold (in the first).  The second set opens
with a fiery Also Sprach-> Antelope & Fluffhead, but the power doesn't
stop.  The Scent, Split Open (!), Coil, Maze, Contact and Frankenstein
that finish the set are all very well-played.  This show is available on
DatFM, since it was broadcasted...  High quality copies should be
available everywhere..