From: DDOBrien@aol.com
Subject: Boise set list and mini review
Date: 8 Jun 1995 17:05:34 GMT

this is my mom's acount so please dont send her any mail about this. you can
get in touch with me at:  obrien@selway.umt.edu

first set was close to 80 min. (ZZYZX?)  event staff was harsh. i saw a bunch
of folks get thrown out for trying to sneak to the floor not just made to go
to the seats but grabed and thrown around with threats like "im going to beat
the shit out of you"  to both males and females.
highlights:  possum nice jam and a good way to open the tour,  wedge  sounded
amazing lets hope this one stays in the rotation, funky bitch kickin' jam
 and slave amazing as always.  treys new tune might have been Free, but then
he said some thing to the effecto of "that was a brand new one, you are the
only people who have ever heard it",  i don't know.  

second set was around 70min. or so  ________  from the bottum
is a great tune, when they get that jam down a bit more it will blow you
away.  the acustic jam was nice.  harry was harry, suzy page soloed with the
mini moog, and trey worked out his wah-wah peddle (but didn't solo)  while my
guitar...   is sick!  they really got into it. cool trippy red lighting with
trey ripping the solo.   over all a good show they did seem a bit out of

tonight got moved to the delta center (huge cement box that pro b-ball is
played in.) we drove all night so we could make the 9 am ticket exchange.
  lets pray for sunny at red rocks.