Subject: Review of 5/26/89 - Valley Club

At first glance, the setlist speaks for this show.  Wonderful selections 
all beautifully performed.  This was the second time that PHISH had 
played The Valley Club in 1989 and they appeared quite comfortable with 
their surroundings.(I believe there was a February show in '89)  Rutland 
is not far from Hebron, NY, so there were many friends of the band in 
The first set absolutely rocked!!  A guest appearance from Nancy 
(Halley's) is an obvious highlight, as it always was.  I was so sweaty 
from this set, so I decided to race home and took a shower during the 
break.  I arrived back just in time for the highhat intro of David Bowie. 
 This night, however, the song was named as "Lazy Lester."  I recall that 
this had to do with a poster on the wall referring to an actual performer 
known as Lazy Lester.  They had a blast in chanting his name.  After 
"Mango,"  Trey introduced some of the numbers "a new song followed by an 
old song" or something like that.  He also made references to watching 
the NHL playoffs and how "Spilt Open" reminded him of playing hockey.
     Set three began with my personal request "Slave," and ended with 
"Shortage," which was an adlibbed number inserted as to prolong the last 
call and to extend their playing time.  "Possum" also found Trey 
borrowing Molly's hat so he could wear it while he played.
     All in all, one to look for.