From: Marc 
Subject: Review (Phish 5/13/94)

5/13/94  Hayden Square: Tempe, AZ


Runaway Jim 
What a solid version!  As usual for post 92 versions, Trey 
begins the jam by texturizing, giving it a very smooth and 
feel.  Nothing really stands out, but this doesn't last long...
the jam is starting to soar!  Trey places some wonderful melodic 
licks and rides up and down the fretboard at parts.  There is a 
great deal of energy in this version, although the jam doesn't
go anywhere profound or unexpected.  This is all Trey, and he
doesn't disappoint.  Quick, and to the point! :) 

It's Ice
The composed part is perfectly played, with no discernable wrong 
notes.  The jam is mostly page, with Trey rhythmically
accompanying him with the Wah - pedal. Great work by Page, while
the band listens to each other intently.  At parts, they lock 
together in rhythm.  Funky stuff.  This is easily better than any 
of the 95 spaceiness we've gotten in It's Ice.

This absolutely smokes! Trey dives right in, wasting no time. 
A few good examples of Tension and release.  Great solo, although
the ending was a bit abrupt; could of used a longer jam.  A short
but sweet version.

Well played, although slightly sloppy coming back into the verses.  
Digressing to fall 95 Mounds, Has anyone else noticed that they've 
been screwing up the orchestrated section lately?  It's very 
dependant on Mike, and it almost seems like he's not loud enough 
in the monitors to be heard by Trey and Page. Every fall 95 Mound 
I have is a bit sloppy.  No biggie.  If you care, compare a fall
Mound to say a 93 or 94.  You'll hear the difference.

This is easily one of my favorite songs to hear live.  Anyways,
the intro is well played, and Trey is articulating more lightly
than usual.  He does miss a couple frets at one point.  It's 
barely audible, though.  The jam is begins with Trey texturizing 
and trying to find a theme to build upon.  It doesn't take long 
for the band to lock in on one, Trey and Page then form the
tension through dissonance and repetition.  Plenty of climaxes
in here, and at one point the band drops down into a very dark
jam, exactly locked into one another.  Trey kicks on the 
distortion, it's rather noisy, but it works tension - wise.  A
great buildup!  Quinessential Phish!! The ending lyrics begin, 
and Trey is still sustaining notes before playing the ending theme.
Although this version was very solid 94 Stash, it doesn't compare to, 
say, 11/14/95 or 10/6/95.  (my favorite 95 versions)

If I Could  
Page's solo is beautiful as usual, with Trey accompanying with
the volume pedal at first then lightly picking.  Trey gradually
takes over, but doesn't take it as high as I would expect. Not
much of solo, really.  This jam has gotten much better since 94.

My Friend, My Friend
Beautiful.  Perfectly played intro.  Why doesn't Trey use
his acoustic on the intro like he did in 93?  There's really
no reason.  Maybe we'll hear an acoustic intro come fall.  
After the intro, this version is standard-  very angry, noisy
beginning to Trey's solo.  Quick loud licks here and there. 
It's as if Trey is sending out hatred through the strings. He
always does this in this song, though.

Great pre - jam fills by Trey- a great contrast to the serene 
beginning of the jam.  Mike is quite active in the beginning,
with Trey and Page backing him up.  Gradually the jam shifts
to Trey, although he's just chording it out with light distortion
for a while.  Soon enough, he builds it up in the usual Slave
fashion.  This isn't quite as beautful as many other version I've 
heard.  (4/9/94 easily has my favorite Slave of 94.) 
Trey does shine towards the end, showing off just a little bit.
Good version, but not exceptional.  It rivals many fall95 versions,
though, which have been fairly low - key.

Suzy G.
Very fun and energetic as usual.  Page's between verse solos are
great, and the final jam really rocks (quick fingers!), 
but is a little shorter than usual.  He can really groove 
sometimes, and never fails to impress me.  

(Set II)

This version rages!  Trey wails in the typical Chalkdust fashion-
builds up, releases then finally takes it home.  A couple great licks 
in here Not as off-key and chaotic as other 94 versions.  Excellent!  
The latter half  of 94 was fairly experimental as far as Chalkdust 
jams go.  I feel that this song has really improved since late 94; 
fall 95 versions are akin to 93's (the best year for Chalkdust, IMO)

standard. (what else could it be?) THe singing isn't as good as 
12/31/94 (ALO version).  Trey actally slides up too far when
starting the ending arpeggios, so it sounds a little messed up at
first.  Below average.  Whatever.

Split Open and Melt!!!
This version is easily one of the best fron 94.  Pre - jam segment
is well played.  Right before the harmonies, Trey's guitar lets
out serious feedback (probably intentional)  The harmonies are
well sung.  Anyways, the jam starts out with Trey rhthymically
chording with the Wah pedal, but soon enough he starts texturizing
similarly to the Split jam at the end of Hoist (from Apr. 93, I 
believe)  Trey begins to let out some seriously fast and tasteful
licks, which work perfectly for the jam.  Wow!  The jam is really
beginning to soar!  Trey is VERY active.  The jam begins to get
a little chaotic and loose towards the end with Trey chromatically
building then hitting the effects.  The ending is a tad dis-
appointing, but as a whole, this Split OAM is outstanding!

This is quite a contrast to the intense Split OAM just played, but
it works. The singing is accurate, although they mess up "He looks
too much like Dave" lyric.  I think in 90% of the McGrupps ever
played they screw up the harmonies on this part.  It's as if
Page, Trey and Mike are unsure what to individually sing to form
a good harmony.  Oh well. Phish aren't known for beautful vocals.
The pre - Page segment is quite tight as usual...Ahhh here's comes
Page.  I alway love his solos in McGrupp -  gives me goosebumps
everytime!  Although I didn't time it, his solo didn't seem as 
drawn out as usual.  It flowed perfectly into the finale, though.

Peaches en Regalia
Sweet.  Nearly perfectly played (minor flub by Ernest at the very 
end).  They really have to bring this cover back!  Great fall 96 
opener, wouldn't you say?

Scent of a Mule
94 versions just don't compare to fall95's. There is no "duel" 
between Trey and Page (I never considered the solo section a 
duel, anyway) 95 has spoiled me as far as Scent OAM goes.  
Listening to this version is fairly unexciting.  Page does much
more with his solos now, as does Trey.

The opening arpeggios are nearly perfect, as is the entire 
orchestrated section.  Mike's pre-jam solo is good, although he 
could've done a little more.  Trey's first pre - charge fills is 
tasteful, and he holds the note for the second.  Nothing special.
Standard tramp segment.  After Page's solo, Trey comes in not 
quietly noodling, but in force for an instant.  He then brings it
down and noodles in the typical YEM fashion.  All of a sudden,
with no buildup, the band comes back with Trey holding the torch.
He is really soaring, more so than many fall versions.  The jam
ends with a sustained note by Trey.  Mike's solo is quite melodic,
but fairly sparse note - wise.  An excellent You Enjoy Myself!

Purple Rain
INCREDIBLE!  Fishman's vacuum solo brings tears to my eyes. So
much emotion in the squeaks and whines of the Electrolux.  

Good Times, Bad Times
Although Phish play the best GTBT in the world, I've grown a little
tired of this song.  In any case, this version doesn't disappoint.
Plenty of tension and release here.  It's no surprise that
Trey is a better guitarist than Jimmy Page, ha ha...


Freebird (acapella)
Very fun and badly sung as usual.  They really need to do this much 
more often. (hasn't been sung since mid '94!)

Anyways, sorry for the inordinate length of this review.  For those
who have read this far, thanks for reading.............Marc Rehfuss