5/7/94  The Bomb Factory, Dallas, TX (Charlie Dirksen)
	A lot has been written about the second set, which was the first
(and arguably still the only true) TWEEZERFEST.  The Tweezer jamming in
the second set included a severe Mind Left Body tease from Trey, not to
mention a good Sparks (the Who tune), Makisupa (ok version by today's
standards; not that hot), some Sweet Emotion jamming (Aerosmith), an
entire 'Walk Away' (Joe Walsh), and Cannonball.  The Purple Rain is good,
but the close of this set, -- a HYHU ***JAM*** that segues into a severe
Tweezer Reprise -- will drop your jaw.  The first set of this show isn't
circulating that well, but it is still pretty good: a strong Divided,
lovely Fast, decent Scent, and niiiice Split.  Every Phish tape collector
ought to have a good copy of the second set of this show, because nearly
CD-quality analogs are available, and it is PPPPHHHHAAAAAAAAAT.