Date: Tue, 26 Aug 1997 11:03:38 -0400
From: Kris Booth Kris_Booth@SUTH.COM
Subject: review 4-10-94

What can I say, this was my first Phish show and short of all the things
that went wrong before it, it rocked and was a lot of fun. For people
out there that didn't know Phish almost didn't play this show. To start
it out they didn't come close to selling out and ending up breaking even
money wise at this show. Then about 20 minutes before they went on Trey
fell through the stage and fucked up his leg, but instead of calling off
the show Trey limped out onto the stage with a air cast on and played
the whole show sitting on a stool, this showed me for the first time how
much Phish loves its music and its fans. As Iook back on this I realize
how much cooler it was before Phish hit it big, I have seen a lot of
shows since, in a lot of big places and realized how far Phish has come.
Enough about this, on to the show

Set 1: Runaway Jim, Its Ice, Sparkle, Split Open and Melt, Esther,
Chalkdust Torture, I didn't know, Scent of a Mule, Down with Disease

Runaway Jim: Great way to start off my first show, nothing special, but
a good Runaway Jim never the less
Its Ice: Great tune, they jammed this one nicely, got everybody going at
the show
Sparkle: I do not like this song that much anymore, at the time it was
one of my favorites and this one remains that top one I have ever heard.
Listen to this one they play it so damn fast, I thought I was going to
explode during this one, I don't think they ever again played it this
fast, smokin!!!!!!
Split Open and Melt: Another Phish Classic, sick jams that never seem to
end, I like this one a lot
Esther: Weird song, slowed things down a bit after Split Open and
Sparkle, played a little Simpsons in the beginning, cool lycrics and I
love the way they jam this at the end
Chalkdust Torture: Great tune, always played well, super smokin,
couldn't have asked more my first show
I didn't know: this song is always fun, had a great high pitched vaccum
solo during this one, made my hairs rise on end, couldn't be a true
phish show with out the vaccum
Scent of a Mule: Dug this one alot especially the duel, I had been
listening to alot of Hoist before this show and i loved every minute of
Down with Disease: this is were the show took off, they jammed it phat
style for the time, super great guitar work my trey, not as good as
future ones, see 12/31/96, but great none the less

Set 2: My Friend, My Friend: Don't play this enough any more, One of the
better rift tunes, my friend my friend he had a knife......
Ya Mar: Another great tune that always gets people dancing, things just
keep getting better and better
Run Like an Antelope: this was the high light of the show for me, by the
time they start jamming it you have no idea what song it use to be, gets
super weird and spacey and then they bust right back in to a fierce
ending for antelope, one of the best I have heard
Fluffhead: Standard Fluff, never can go wrong with that, nice jam at the
Ginseng Sullivan: A little break after Antelope and Fluff, a fun tune,
good bluegrass by the band
I wanna be like you: I love this tune, brings back memories of my
childhood, but about halfway through Fishman brings out the vaccum again
and says, sorry for a second vaccum solo, but the first one was to high
pitched, with this one I want to make your bowls move, and that it did,
I mean two vaccum cleaner solos in one show, wow!!!! I dont't think they
ever did this before or again, sweet!!!!!
Harry Hood: Yes, this song rules, and it is a great way to end a second
set, Trey ripes it up in the end of this tune, he seems to be the focus
of the whole song, i love it, you can feel good about Hood.....

Encore: Boucin Around the Room, Golgi Apparatus

Boucin: Ok back then, but I would have rather heard something else
Golgi: Always a fun tune, I real Trey Original

Over all i loved this show and the more I listen to it on tape the more
I realize how good of a show it was, great set lists, two vaccum solos,
not much more I could have asked for, see ya, peace
		Kris Booth