4/9/94  Broome County Arena,  Binghamton, NY  (Ivan Troy)
	My first show and it was a killer!  The Magilla opener had a solo
for everyone and was a very unexpected opener.  Other Set 1 highlights was
an absolutely orgasmic Julius (I had the biggest smile ever), an extended,
awesome Stash, and a beautiful Page Coil solo.  Set 2 had an intense Reba,
then a mind-blowing Mike's, and a Groove with Little Drummer Boy and
Divided Sky quotes, and even a vocal jam! Then, a sweet Tela-> Slave to
the Traffic Light transition, and the best Slave to the Traffic Light
Ive yet to hear, in person or on tape!  Seek this tape out, the band was
4/9/94  Broome County Arena, Binghamton, NY (Charlie Dirksen)
	I liquidated the first set of this show awhile ago, but the second
set, which is available on cDSBD, is remarkable, and is without question
my favorite set from this month, EVEN THOUGH it opens with 
Sample and ends with Cavern.  The MikeSGroove rocks, as does the Reba and
Slave to the Traffic Light.  Peaches, Demand and Tela aren't too sloppy,