From: (Kyle Grieser)
Subject: 3/31/93, Portland
Date: 1 Apr 93 09:24:32 GMT

Just got back from the first Portland show.  Wow!  I was hoping
for some rare stuff on April Fools, but I guess they fooled me :-).
Partial setlists... hopefully someone can fill in the blanks... order
may not be correct...

1: Jim, Foam, ..., PYITE, Mound, Sample!, I didn't know (w/
thing solo), David Bowie

2: Lengthwise->Maze, Ice,  YEM->cool-as-hell-vocal-jam, Harry Hood,
->-> Harpua, Chalkdust

E: AC/DC Bag!, Sweet Adeline

Let's see... Foam was sweet, and I'd never heard PYITE, very nice.  Sample
in a Jar kicks butt.  I really enjoyed this, and Trey just went off on it.
Super.  Pretty solid set... didn't strike me as quite as jammy as Eugene

Second set -- Maze just kicked, YEM was okay, but the vocal jam was really
cool, vacuum included... sorta spacey at times.  Harry Hood, one of my
absolute faves!  I really really love that ending jam.  Harpua!  Enough
Very nice... narration about the old man with a wooden leg that goes
and a piano on his back, and a submarine floating around... Trey certainly
can be strange :-).  Anyway, then on to sitting around with Jimmy watching
Beverly Hills Cop (thus the axl f thing), and then they went through
his record collection and pulled out a great old record (this is where the 
stones tune came in, can't recall the name, couple verses), put it
on... fight, etc... Poster dies...  Let's see... AC/DC Bag encore was a
super treat, jammin' Trey magic...  then they sang Adeline to the girl who
lost her ID... they pulled her up on stage and sang it to her after giving
her her ID back...  enough rambling.

I'll try to post again after the Fools show...:-)


From: sirna@Xenon.Stanford.EDU (Tony Sirna)
Subject: More from 3-31-93
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1993 19:22:40 GMT

Last night before the encore Trey announced that Phish would now be
collecting canned goods and other non-perishable food at their shows
to give to homeless shelters etc in the local area where their
gigs are.  So remember to bring food to your next show.

Some woman named Nina lost her ID and someone gave it to Trey just
before Adeline and so she got up on stage and they gave her her ID and
sang sweet Adeline to her, very touching.

this show was very long  First set 78 min, 2nd set 132 , Encore 15 min

The Stones tune they played which I still dont know the name of was
soundchecked at Eugene along with Bitch and the Sesame street theme.

The soundcheck in Portland included mango Song, Gumbo, and

Fishman came out alone at the beginning of set 2 and sang lengthwise
on Mike's mic and then had the crowd sing along until he got behind
his Kit and started playing maze and then the rest of the band came
out. The audience did pretty well considering...

Those are all the oddities , and todsay is April fools...