From: (Kyle Grieser)
Subject: Re: 3/30/93 setlist
Date: 31 Mar 93 23:14:49 GMT

In article <1993Mar31.084546.1740@uvaarpa.Virginia.EDU> writes:
>1:  ?-> Poor Heart, All things Reconsidered, Golgi, My Friend, Llama,
>Stash, Glide, Divided Sky, Cavern

The opener was Buried Alive.  Good first set... sickest Stash I've ever heard
;-).  Cavern was weird... Trey was doing something weird with feedback on his
guitar with his mouth or something strange.  Nevermind... maybe it was just

>2:  Loving Cup, Rift, Tweezer, Life Buoy-> Ball Jam, Weigh, Mikes-> I Am H2->
>Grove-> Psycho Killer-> Grove, Horse-> Silent In The Morning, If I Only Had A
>Brain, Tweezer Reprise > >Enc:  My Sweet One, Amazing Grace

Second set was pretty sweet.  First time I've ever heard Loving Cup, loved
Crazy wacked out of your mind Tweezer.  Life Boud was good, but I though
the vocals were muddy, couldn't catch all the words.  Mike's -> Groove ->
Psycho -> Groove was especially tasty, what with the fog and the strobes
and the tramps and the lights and Trey's dedication to some guy turning
40 and on and on and on....

Enough from me... I'll try to post tomorrow about the first PDX show.

BTW, Rumour has it that the big thing on the waterfront will only
have Phish doing acapella tunes so that they don't have to tear down
the stage.  There *will* be a April Fools show... :-)