From: (mikey)
Subject: Setlist, 3/28/93 Arcata
Date: 31 Mar 1993 01:17:22 GMT

Wow, I thought someone would come along with one by now.  This is
pretty correct (first set is copied from they guy next to us on the
rail who was actually writing stuff down & the second set is by
memory)  I've got tapes (same tree seed offer as before, only digital
trade requests please!) but haven't had the time to compare them

Now with that preamble :-)

East Gym, Humbolt State Univ, Arcata CA
 The Landlady
 Phunky Bitch
 Split Open
 The Sloth
 Its Ice

 Set II

 Walk Away
 Runaway Jim
 Bathtub Gin
 You Enjoy Myself
 (w/ Song for "Dave the Pez Man" :-)
 Paul & Silas
 Hold Your Head
 Honey Love (w/ Vacum)
 Hold Your Head

 E: Contact

Second set is highly recommended, the first set is really fun too.  A
good way for our little group to finish off our california tour.  (10
shows in 12 days and we all wanted more, but work or school or money
is preventing us from sitting outside the venue in Eugene right now
:-( )

There was also a deadication to Shelley during the encore.

Mike Perrott,,, DOD 706
Hellborn elfchild roadhog mountain fortune hunter  --  T. Anastasio