From: Jeff Rizzo Subject: Re: 3.25.93 Santa Cruz Setlist & commentary Date: 31 Mar 93 22:44:28 GMT This is obviously a few days late... Just wanted to say that, as my first (and definitely NOT my last) West Coast Phish, the Santa Cruz show was INCREDIBLE! I was a little disappointed at the lack of Electrolux, but even so... Mike's Song->IaH->Weekapaug was even better than Rochester a few short weeks ago. Was definitely worth the drive from San Rafael... we were a little bummed that tix for the Warfield were gone, but it was a great excuse to head south. Did anyone else notice that during the first set, Mike looked suspiciously like (gasp!) Howard Stern?!?!?!? Hope to be shakin' it with other Bay Area Phishsters in the near future... all I need now is a job! You'll need a 2 car garage... +jeff -- Jeff Rizzo | | It happens sometimes... people just explode. (415)491-0685
-------------------------- From: ALEK GRABINSKI / 765-2151 / KE Engineering Programs Subject: 3.25.93 Santa Cruz Setlist & commentary Reply-To: Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1993 10:17:05 GMT 3.25.93 Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, Santa Cruz, CA Set I Set II ============================================================ Chalkdust Torture Axcilla -> Guelah (w/Asse Festival) The Curtain -> It's Ice Sample in a Jar Oh! Possum Uncle Pen Bouncing Around the Room Colonel Forbin's Ascent -> Stash Forbin narrative -> Glide Kung -> Rift more narrative -> Horn Icculus!!! -> Magilla Famous Mockingbird Run Like an Antelope The Wedge Mike's -> Hydrogen -> Groove Golgi Apparatus Enc / My Sweet One Big Ball Jam Sweet Adeline (no mikes!) Dang! Another Santa Cruz show for the record books! The performances were superb. Trey hit all the right notes in the scored music and wailed during solos. Mike seemed just a little extra- funky, and Page was banging the grand like Jerry Lee Lewis. There was no Fish tune this show - maybe he used up his vacuum allowance last night... Random notes: During It's Ice, at the point where Page is soloing chords and Fish is tick-tocking on the woodblocks, Chris had the stage lights way down and the Minkins going full-psych as Trey and Mike stood close together facing each other as they moved their guitar/bass necks like the hands of a clock. The Glide was dedicated to Terry, the truck driver. I was able to verify the crowd cheering theory I picked up on the net - first cheer strong, quiet, second cheer weaker, quiet, confusion, sustained cheering, and they do the last word of the song. They teased the Antelope into Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, which later showed up in Mike's Song. The Forbin/Gamehenge set was excellent! The "let's-get-you-out-of-here- and-over-to-Gamehenge" narrative had our blood turning carbonated and the entire audience melting into a soda ooze. The auditorium is actually a can, though, and we're at the mercy of a little kid (was it Jimmy?) who is going to take the can home - kicking it all the way. Chris did a great job with the lights as Trey would kick out and the band would make grand kicking noises... anyway, the little kid finally opened the can (after shaking it up one last time) and we, the audience, sprayed out and combined with the ethereal mists, which become clouds, and we're in Gamehenge. Somehow Trey and Fish got to doing Kung around this time, and then more narrative which focused on the Helping Friendly Book - so much so that we know we're in for a treat as Page, Fish and Mike get louder and louder while Trey goes on and on about the book, it's the book which will help you run your life, it's the book, the BOOK, READ the book, it'll help you run your life, you know how to read, don't you? The BOOK!!! Icculus be praised! The Mike's Song had the fog machines going, said fog behaving very well as it expanded in a perfect rectangular solid. The green lights combined with the residual fog haze made me think they were playing Weekabog Groove. The Sweet Adeline encore was a beautiful end to the night, as a crowd easily three times as large as Santa Rosa's got really quiet really fast. The venue is basically a small basketball gym - and the stage was really wide. Security was ultra-lax - there were some people lighting up around us, and the security would march up the stairs and ASK THEM TO KEEP IT OUT OF SIGHT. Is that horrific, or what? The sound was quite good where we were - on the top row of the bleachers directly opposite Page. Final note: I met some people who regularly scam their way into shows, and I've seen more than one person looking for a free ticket (and that's the only way they'll go). Not a good thing, that... Warfield! YES! Alek
From: Andy Bensky Subject: Re: Santa Cruz 25 March 1993 Reply-To: Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1993 01:28:44 GMT during the awsome Possum at this show at the points where Fish is playing a pretty constant snare roll that starts off slow and gradually speeds up (oh, how i wish we could attach audio to email :), Chris was running a chase sequence which had the lights moving from one side of the stage to the other and back again in perfect time to the roll fish was on! since each adjacent light is a different color it looks like a rainbow moving across the stage and back again, and again..... As Fish sped up the beat Chris followed in perfect time with the chase speed! It was one of the coolest effects i've ever seen! after the show i complimented Chris on an exceptional performance and that effect in particular and he was surprised that anyone had even noticed! The man is a genius! btw - chris told me that he designed their current lighting setup down to the last detail, including the control board! it was built to his exact specs by the lighting company they are renting equipment from. andy ------------------------------