From: ALEK GRABINSKI / 765-2151 / KE Engineering Programs

Subject: Santa Rosa 3.24.93 setlist
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1993 16:29:02 GMT

3.24.93  Luther Burbank Center for the Performing Arts, Santa Rosa, CA

Set I                           Set II

Llama                           Landlady
Foam                            Split Open and Melt
Fee                             Sparkle
Poor Heart                      Tweezer
Maze                            Mound
I Didn't Know (1)               Big Ball Jam (3)
Sample in a Jar                 FEFY
Runaway Jim                     You Enjoy Myself
Amazing Grace (2)               The Horse -> (4) 
Cavern                          Silent in the Morning
                                Prison Joke (5)
                                Good Times Bad Times

                        Enc /   Carolina (2)
                                Squirming Coil

(1) w/The Missing Link on short trombone solo
(2) a capella, no mikes
(3) three balls went out, two came back; one popped
(4) Trey sets up his acoustic, plays a beautiful, slow Horse, then
    stops, realizing he hasn't set up his vocal mike anywhere near
    his head.  Pretty funny scene as he drags his mike towards himself,
    then Mike gives him HIS mike, and Page does the same...
(5) guest appearance by a guy named "Sam", who leaps out of the 
    audience to tell the joke when someone else calls for it and Fish
    refuses to tell it

LBC used to be a Catholic Church (California style, built in the mid-
Seventies, VERY nice room - small but airy, big balcony with about 
thirty people in it, no seats -> PEWS!).  Nice staff, mostly older 
ladies, with football types doing security.

First set was very unspectacular, and short (about 60 minutes).  Second 
set started picking up towards the middle - great Mound, YEM, Horse->
Silent, Terrapin (w/very long vac solo) and GTBT.  Longer set, about 90 

Small crowd, interesting venue, lots of potential, but they didn't come 
across as much as they could have.  Oh well, there's Santa Cruz