From: Todd Arnold 
Subject: 3/22/93 - gamehendge
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1993 14:10:58 GMT

                       Subject:                               Time:8:41 AM
  OFFICE MEMO          3/22/93 - gamehendge                   Date:3/23/93
All I can say is------GAMEHENDGE!!

3/22/93 - Crest Theater, Sacramento, CA

Set I                      Set II
Chalkdust               Golgi
Guelah                    It's Ice*-->
Uncle Penn              Lizards
Stash                      Tela
Bouncin'                  Wilson
Rift                         AC/DC Bag
Weigh                      Col. Forbin's
Reba                        Sloth
Sparkle                    Mcgrupp
David Bowie            Mike's Groove

                                  Amazing Grace (no mikes & QUIET)

* They never finished the It's Ice--they just faded into Gamehendge from
the jam
in the middle of Ice.

Maybe I'll give a review later, but for now I'll just give a brief summary
the highlights.
The Crest theater holds about 800-900 people, but I would estimate only
600 (max) were there, so it was a small show.  Everyone was very quiet and
attentive, so in the middle of It's Ice, they faded out the jam, and Trey
"Since I haven't had an audience this quiet and attentive in YEARS," we're
to tell a little story.  And just as they started, I realized that unlike
they hadn't yet played any of the songs in question, so there was a great
 they would play it--and they DID!!!!
Anyway, the narration continued between every number in the 2nd set,
including a
narration between Col.Forbin's and Mockingbird, and everyone listened
quietly to
the whole story.  It was amazing that an entire audience was that
attentive to
the band -- haven't seen that for years.
And as if the Gamehendge wasn't enough, the boys had to close the 2nd set
an OUTRAGEOUS Mike's groove (20 minutes!!!! <- we looked at a watch).
Encores were cool, and the Amazing grace (sans microphones) was able to
heard by
all (not even the usual snickering at Fishman's soloing--it was absolutely
Well, enough of my rambling... sorry to all my friends who didn't get to
this one - I think it was the Phish show of my lifetime.

So, that's the setlist and breif review .... now who's got tapes for me?