From: (Steven M. Sobelman )
Subject: 3/18, The Palace (Comments, no setlist)
Date: 19 Mar 1993 11:30:08 GMT

I feel I must apologize in advance to all the people who went to the show
here last night but didn't go tonight for the following:


Last night was good.  I loved Great Gig, Axcilla (or Axilla, whatever) was
keeper (hadn't heard it before), excellent versions of Jesus Left Chicago,
Mike's -> Groove and Golgi, and an Antelope that blew everyone away.
But tonight's show will remain with me for a long, long time.  I should 
probably mention that these were my first two shows.  Anyway, some

The first set consisted mostly of _intense_ versions of a bunch of album
with one extremely noteworthy exception, which I will get to in a bit.
it or not, the show was so intense that I am no longer sure of the opener,
I think it was Chalk Dust.  Guelah Papyrus->Asse Festival->The Fly made an
appearance, which I enjoyed quite a bit.  A bunch of stuff from Rift
showed up
in this set, Rift, a great Sparkle and the always jamming Maze.  There was
Fee with bullhorn, not to mention a Horn.  The set closed with a smokin'
in which The Little Drummer Boy made a guest appearance.  But the
highlight of
the set, and possibly the evening, was Col. Forbin-> Mockingbird.  Trey
was way
into the narration.  He told us how, through the use of modern technology
were actually seeing holographic images of the band performing in Vermont, 
where they were stuck in the Storm of the Century.  Most amusing.

The second set started of with My Friend ^2, with Trey playing the intro
acoustic.  Poor Heart was played with great enthusiasm.  The centerpiece
of the
set was a terrific YEM, complete with vocal jam and what I believe was a
jam on
the Talking Heads' Once In a Lifetime (I could be mistaken here).  You'll
to hear this one.  Uncle Penn payed a visit.  The Big Ball Jam was great,
so glad I got to participate in one.  It ended with the same closing vamp
the Mango Song, I guess that's as close as I'll come to hearing that song.
the big surprise of the night came in the wind from the mountains, that's
we left coasters were treated to Teela (or Tela).  SOAM showed up in there
somewhere and took us to some of the places we'd been with Antelope the
before.  The Hold Your Head Theme heralded the arrival of
Tuck/The Little Beast Child to center stage, 'lux in hand.  Which reminds
me, I
forgot to mention Tubbs' trumpet solo in the first set, as well as some 
language (all fall down and Simpson's).  Anyway, Tubbs' sang a fine If I
Had a Brain, but last night's 'lux solo was better.  This was followed by
Squirming Coil that belonged to Page.  Trey and Mike went over and sat
down on
the drum platform and the entire stage went dark except for a spotlight on 
Page.  And he played forever.  It was beautiful.  I had tears welling up
in my
eyes.  Definitely something to treasure.

They wrapped the set up with a fine version of Cavern.  I noticed many
near the front (myself included) trying in different ways to get Trey to
"penile erector," but to no avail that I noticed.  The encore was Good
Bad Times, which, of course, rocked.

I'd say there was about ten times more energy in the building than the
night, with about half as many people.  I guess you could say that I
the show quite a bit, but you'd be missing something.  All I can say is
that I
can't wait to do it again tomorrow in Redlands.

Please join me now in wishing very hard for Fluffhead and Weigh.
Thank you.

Feeling most cubed at the moment,
who should probably go to sleep, but what the hey