From: (Darren Cokin)
Subject: Hollywood Palace show
Date: 18 Mar 1993 02:35:47 -0800

It's two in the morning, and I have way too much adrenalin in me to sleep,
I thought I'd log on.  I just got back from the gathering after the show.
I've been listening to Phish for like a year, but this was my first show.  
WOW.  I was blown away.  I have never had such a feeling without chemical
inducement before (I think I'll try it with chemical inducement for

I didn't keep a set list, but I saw someone with a net shirt writing in a
note pad, he'll probably post it soon.  The high point of the show was
definatly Mike's Groove in the second set.  I'd guess it lasted about
minutes.  Trey and Mike spent at least 5 minutes durring an incredible
song bouncing up and down on trampolines with the strobe lights on.  I was
jumping up and down, the guy in front of me was jumping up and down at a
different speed, the strobes were on, the music was going - the effect was
incredible.  Who needs drugs with shit like that going on?  Man oh man.

Other things that stick in my mind were very long versions of Antelope &
Reba (no whistling at the end, odd).  A great e-lux solo by Fish.  I never
realized he stuck it in his mouth!  That was seriously cool.  Golgi
Suzie Greenberg, Bouncing Around the Room; all great.  I heard Axilla for 
the first time, cool song.  Another one I never heard before was a great
blues number sung by Page, someone told me it was a ZZ Top cover, I think
said it was called Jesus left Chicago.

There were some sound problems in the beginning of the first set.  The
or third song was Stash, and Trey had to pause twice, once with a guitar
problem, and once with a mic problem.  After that they did an a cappela
Amazing Grace, while the guys fixed the sound.  They also did Sweet
a cappela for an encore (followed by Rocktop.  Is this the official encore
song, or what?)

Only 8 or 9 people showed up at the gathering, since the show went late
(started late), but it was fun.

And I get to do it all again in 18 hours....