From: dsteinbe@nmsu.edu (David Steinberg)
Subject: 3/8/93 Santa Fe, NM
Date: 9 Mar 93 10:51:18

Kind of spotty last night.  Some amazing peaks (Bowie, Llama, Stash)
and a lot of filler.  I'd say it was the worse of the three that I
have seen so far... of course that still makes it better than 99.9% of
all other concerts :@).  Anyway the list was:

I: Golgi, Rift, Guleah, Oh Kee Pah> Llama!!!, Forbin->How High the
Moon->Forbin, Sparkle, It's Ice, Glide, David Bowie!

II: My Poor Heart, Cavern, Uncle Pen, Stash!, Big Ball Jam, My Friend
My Friend (with Trey on acoustic during intro)->KUNG
:@)->Y.E.M.->Vocal Jam->Lazards, Amazing Grace

enc: Honey Love Ya, Chalkdust Torture

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From: "John A. Turner" 
Subject: oops + Santa Fe review
Reply-To: jat@cygnus.ta52.lanl.gov
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1993 22:44:45 GMT

My apologies to all for posting my unsubscribe request to the list.
I realized I had screwed up, but it was too late.  Also, thanks to all
for not flaming me (not a *single* flame so far!).  On other lists
I've been on, posting an unsubscribe request is unforgivable.

Anyway, I didn't think I'd have time, but I guess I owe it to you
all to say a few words about the show last night at Sweeney Auditorium
in Santa Fe, NM.

First a little about me.  In no particular order:

- Age: 31
- Main hobby: guitar (but I spend *way* too much time on my "sounds"
                      and way too little time actually playing)
- Musical interests: mostly 70's prog rock (Yes, Genesis until Hackett
  left, Floyd, King Crimson, etc.).  But I also like a lot of the more
  recent stuff, some of which I guess is in the "goth-rock" category
  like Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Chameleons, Gene Loves Jezebel
  (first few releases, anyway), Fields of the Nephilim, etc. etc.
  And of course since I'm a guitarist I like the more technical guys
  like Eric Johnson, Steve Morse, Satriani, and Vai.  Let's just say my
  musical taste is pretty broad.  Did I mention Living Colour?  Gabriel?
  Zappa?  ...

Anyway, in a recent King Crimson digest (Discipline), somebody mentioned
that the Phish guitarist had attended Robt. Fripp's Guitar Craft workshop.
Well, I had never heard of Phish before that (or never paid any
but that was reason enough for me to want to check them out.  Then I
heard they were coming to Santa Fe.

So, I figured the only thing to do was join the Phish digest, get the
FAQ, etc.  After looking through some stuff, and getting some prodding
from Lee Silverman, I decided to go.

My impressions?  Well, the first thing that hit me was "Grateful Dead".
I guess that is to be expected, especially since most of the crowd
seemed to be college-age people who look like they wish they had grown
up in the 60's.  Re-reading that, it sounds sort of harsh, and I apologize
for that, especially since some of you may sort of fall into that

Anyway, after listening for a while, I noticed some other more subtle
influences, including (again in no particular order):

- bluegrass (but sort of a Steve Morse/Dregs approach)
- the Allman Bros. (believe it or not)
- Robt. Fripp/King Crimson (both in their approach to improvisation
  and in Trey's playing)
- old (70's) Yes
- Zappa

But none of these were blatant.  Just influences they have incorporated
into their style.

What impressed me most about them was their improvisation.  Too few
bands nowadays *truly* improvise live.  They just re-create their
studio work as closely as possible.

Oh, and they can make 4/4 time incredibly interesting.

And now for some other stuff you might be curious about:

- Will I buy any of their stuff?  Probably.  Recommendations?  (via
  e-mail, please, since I'm going to unsubscribe from the digest soon).

- Would I go see them again?  Probably.  Well, almost certainly.  I
  it, but felt a little out of place, I guess.

- Why am I unsubscribing from the list?  Well, there is just too much
  traffic for me.  I'm already on a couple of other lists, and I can't
  even keep up with them.

Hope it was at least somewhat interesting for you devotees to hear the
impressions of an old man :^) who went to see them out of the blue.

I guess I'll stay on the list for a few days just to see what kind of
discussion ensues, if any.

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