From: ADCMR@utxdp.dp.utexas.edu
Subject: Austin Dallas
Reply-To: ADCMR@utxdp.dp.utexas.edu
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 1993 19:48:03 GMT

Austin was different.
The Chronicle, the local alternative/pretentious/locally
rag reviewed rift:  Phish is the embodiement of every evil Dead Head
I've ever had.  They have the musical personality of an oak log but don't
smell as good.  Music made by pudgy, bearded, dull, middle class white
If bands like Phish, Spin Doctors and Blues Travelers are the future of
modern rock I'm falling asleep right now. (sic) and end of quote.
Though not the best Phish show I have ever seen, it was certainly the best
concert the Austin scene has seen since....  PYITE was wonderful to hear.
Maze was dimented and funky.  YEM had us all gawking, dazzled.  Mound had
enough twists and turns to confuse any spelunker.  I left the show and had
to toss a coin:  To Phish or to work.  Obviously I am at work but I think
I should have taken the highway to the great divide.  Next year I'm movin'
north and catchin' shows.  After the show a friend of mine, who had missed
the first set, ran up to me, handed me his ticket stub, hugged me and said
"where are they next and how can I get there"  I'm sorry for band width
it has been a long time since I've seen Phish.  I'm reeling in Austin.
I just can't wait til next time.  Thanks Alisha for dancin@phish.concert.