Subject: Austin Dallas
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 1993 19:48:03 GMT

I would just like to contribute a short review of the Dallas Austin shows.
Dallas was, IMHO, a low energy show.  The crowd, predominantly immersed in
the depths of alcoholic inertia, didn't seem to have any idea what was
happening.  Songs received cheers and shouts but particular instances
of fine musicianship were not sufficiently appreciated.  This lack of
rubbed off on the band.  The songs were executed with precision but lacked
spirit (again IMHO).  There were a few highlights including a very good
Mike's Tune.  I am going to get this tape because I was there but I didn't
feel that this was an inspired show.  Amazing Grace was hampered by a
boisterous and obnoxious crowd.  Perhaps the reason they only played one
at home with the armadillo