Subject:A little story
From:  HCCLARK%OWUCOMCN.bitnet@cunyvm.cuny.EDU

It all started when my sister Hilary asked me if I would join her
in a little road trip to N.Y.C. to see a couple of her friends
play in a band called Phish.  I wasn't to sure about going, since
I never heard them play before.  However, I was smart enough to
keep an open mind to try something new!  That evening, I found
myself inside a bar by the name "Wetlands Preserve" with a few
hours before the band came on.  So I was talkin' away with my
sister and a nice fellow by the name of "Fish".  Using my clever
brain, I assumed he was a member of the band.  And then realized
he was the drummer since he could count every drum beat to the
live version of "Dixie Chicken" that was playing in the background.
Midnight finally rolls around and I was all set to see and hear
what Phish could dish out.  Except one problem.  There was this
huge man standing right in front of me blocking my entire view.
Not to worry, towards the middle of the first set, he finally had
the nerve to jump on stage, whip out a hermonica (sp?), and play
the thing like he ivented it.  "Gee!..This guy sounds as good as
the guy from Blues Traveler!!" I made this brilliant comment to a
happy listener as he responded "No shit sherlock!!! That IS John
Popper of Blues Travleler!"  By 3:30am, Phish finishes their last
song and I was Beat.  Hilary gave me the option to hang with the
band for a while, but I was too tired and nervous to do such a
thing!  Therefore, we left with I night I would never fo rget!!
ANYONE have a recording of 3-3-90 at Wetlands?? I want my memories
to be a little more vivid!!!!!! Thanks!! -Hadley-