Subject: Phlorida Comments:*)
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1993 16:42:31 GMT

Howdy All!
     Wow, that class was most unenlightening, but anyway, here are some 
comments on the shows I saw in Phlorida...

Tallahassee 2-22
     As I indicated on the list posting, the cymbal work during Foam was 
most wonderful.  I concentrated a lot more on Fish's offbeat accents and
fills, and it helped my dancing rhythm to concentrate on the hi-hat a lot
more. I was almost bummed that Trey introduced the language during Guelah,
but most people as

...whoops, seemed oblivious to the concept anyway, since half of the crowd
on\ hand were half-curious FSU students.  As soon as they came on stage, I
knew they were ready to rage, because Trey was starting "Rift" before
everyone got their places on stage.  They were obviously psyched to play.
The I Didn't  Know trombone solo was nice, short, and actually pretty well
done.  It was  a sort of relief scene before the David Bowie kicked in.
During the hi-hat intro, Mike was joking around with the first few bass
notes to Maze, which they had already done that set.  He was the only one
who seemed not into it for one reason or another.  The 2nd set was tighter
and more powerful than the 1st.  The Runaway Jim guitar solo was a nice
slow build-up and climaxed with some licks that Trey uses almost every
time they play the song.  Since I memorized the NYE solo, it was easy to
catch this.  It's Ice was flawless, as was the YEM, but the vocal jam was
a tad lack-luster for its length.  A nice surprise was the Oh Kee
Pa->Llama which may have been a first(confirmations?). Both the Tweezer
and the reprise seemed a bit standard, and did not explore too much
uncovered territory, as they did in New Orleans(will explain later). The
show was solid, and a good show to break ground in Phlorida with.  All
of the boys were hangin out for over an hour after the show, and I got
many  questions answered.  The most memorable conversation was the one
with Trey when he told me his favorite bass solo of all time...he went to
a Kiss concert a few years ago and Gene Simmons got more crowd explosion
from a 3 note solo than any other bass player could ever hope for--it was
a rather funny story. Trey and Fish were commenting on my green face...I
told them I had a bad Turkey sandwich for lunch, which went on to be my
favorite response to people's curiosity on the whole tour.  Anyway...this
post is rather long so I'm gonna split up the comments city by city.  On
to Orlando in the next post...

Please, we have no regrets!!