Subject: Atlanta Review
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1993 19:31:45 GMT

Night three: Icing on the cake
        Set I: Since this review is so long, I will keep it short for this
show. Highlights for 
me were Punch You In The Eye(of course), Horn, and Antelope. I thought my
mind just 
might explode during the Antelope jam, but I was safe.
        Set II: Once again the boys rocked hard. The Curtain is one of my
favorite songs 
and i was hoping to hear it, so that was great. Actuallt, they played evey
song that i wanted 
to hear but hadnUt  the first two nights. Stash=>Manteca=>Stash=>Lizards
was pure 
beauty, with an intense Stash jam. Bathtub Gin was very out there. The
Page solo after 
Squirming Coil was nice. He did this thing where he played one high note
with his right 
hand while doing cool chordal things with his left. The other members left
the stage for it, 
and Chris made the stage completely balck except for a white spot on Page.
Very classy. 
BBFCFM was a rage. Trey and Mike did the
neck thing again. These guys are strange!!:-)  For the encore, Trey
started GTBT, but his 
G string was about a whole step out of tune, so it was a bad false start.
Once he got tuned 
up, which took a few minutes, he brought out Rev. Mosey(I wish I could
remember his 
first name) for the bkuegrass version of GTBT. It modulated into a
different key to 
accomodate a banjo solo, then after Page sang his solo part, it
melted(stumbled) into Paul 
and Silas, the only repeat of the three nights. The banjo guy sang a
couple verses and Trey 
sang a couple. This made its way into Pig In a Pen, with Trey, Mike, and
Page singing 
bakup vocals. Bluegrass always puts a big smile on my face, so this was
the perfect way to 
end the shows for me. After the show backstage, Mike brought out his bass
and a little 
Marshall portable amp, and jammed bluegrass with the banjo guy for a
while. They played 
Midnight Moonlight which had everyone singing, John Harding(a bluegrass
plus a couple of tunes that ARU are playing right now. It was truly
special, and the perfect 
icing to the sweetest cake of a run I have ever experienced. 
   Okay, I have spewed enough. I was truly moved by these shows. Hi to
Shelly, Matt, and 
                                        -Brian Feller