Subject: Atlanta Shows
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1993 19:59:09 GMT

Haven't seen much posted yet, so here's a few comments:
    Second set from Saturday was just outrageous, tho apparently the
result of a tension-filled night.  After opening the set with Wilson
and Reba, they played a wonderful Tweezer that segued into Walk Away,
the James Gang/ AOR Radio standard, which was tight tight tight.  But
when it was ending, Trey kept playing the Tweezer reprise licks,
trying to start it up.  Mike refused.  He eventually got Mike's Song
started up, and got the rest of the band to follow, but Trey threw in
the Tweezer licks a few more times.  Then, during the "me no are no
nice guy" chorus (particularly appropriate this night), Trey, instead
of singing his part, somewhat sarcastically kept saying, "MIKE's
Song."  Then in the pre-I am Hydrogen jam, Trey went off on a medley
of licks from various songs, too many to remember.  I recall people
talking about how the band used to do "show review medleys," but
there were definitely licks from songs taht they did NOT play that
night.  Fishman, before his "Terrapin," referred to this whole
incident by saying something like, "We're going to play a love song,
because (looks meaning fully at Mike) we're a Mellow band."
Absolutely hysterical.  There was also a serious deviation from the
normal scope of jamming (like they're ever really constrained!)
during the Weekapaug Groove section - the whole Mike's Groove seemed
to go on for ever.
    Other "objective" notes: Fishman had trouble getting the beat for
Silent in the Morning down - took a few passes at it before he
started full fledged.  I was surprised they didn't do more signals
over the first two nights, as they taught Atlanta signals on 3/28
(the flooded show).
    The flood was the theme of the Gamehendge monologue - imagine
you are a puddle of water rising in the front of the stage.  You fill
up the building, you float up, you become steam, you become mist, you
become one big cloud, you form raindrops, you fall to the ground, but
you are in the middle of a big field, in fact, Gamehendge (generally
    The crowd was respectfully quiet for the Amazing Grace, as Page
referred to it as one of his dad's favorite songs - and the Lawn boy
was an entertaining, unexpected choice.  Tho I must say, Ya Mar was
my number one, "I didn't expect it" song of the shows.
g'noog, already,
Matt Heller

p.s. net.greeting to carl johnson and scott douglas, the only netters
I bumped into over four shows . . . *sniff*

Subject: Atlanta Review
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1993 19:31:45 GMT

Second night: Let it all hang out
        Set I: The net gathering at the Mellow Mushroom didnUt really
happen. Ellis and his 
friend Kristen(sp?) were there, but other than that I didnUt meet or see
any netters there. 
The Mellow Mushroom was nice. They had 34 beers on draught, plus another
60 in bottle 
to choose from. What a dilema! I had a black and tan and a Woodpecker
Cider, both were 
wonderful. Made it to the venue by 7:45 and were let in soon after. The
floor was much 
more crowded Saturday night, partly due to a door rush that occured when
someone threw 
open a side door. The first set highlights for me were Sloth, possum, and
Everything was played extremely well, so itUs hard to single anything out
for me. It was 
really nice to be with our beloved Shelly and Matt Laurence for this show,
and all three of 
us had our writing pads out like the diligent netters we are;-> On to set
        Set II: Picture this. YouUre in NectarUs bar in Burliongton, itUs
1987, and Phish is 
about to start their second set of the night. This is what it felt like to
me during this set. The 
band just let it all go. At times it was sloppy, and it was LOOSE in the
biggest way 
possible. Walk Away hasnUt been played in at least three years, and it
came out of 
nowhere. For some reason Trey was really into Tweezer, because it appeared
in about 
every song they played that night. The meltdown at the end was different
than the 
standard(nothing was standard this night), and it turned into
Glide.Perfect choice as far as 
IUm concerned. Then came MikeUs Song, and the serious weirdNESS. Trey kept
RMikeUs SongS while Mike was singing, and sang the chorus Rwe no want no
Song.S Then the jam started. It almost immediately melted into Tweezer,
then Reba, 
Lizards, Stash, and Shelly and I gave up trying to get it all on paper.
Matt perservered and 
got it all. It was apparent that we were witnessing a big release of
energy. Trey had been 
initiating all the jams and Mike decided to try it out with My MindUs Got
a Mind of Its 
Own, which appeared for a verse. MikeUs bass playing was stupendous all
weekend, and it 
was especially great to see how he would juztapose weird bass lines under
the song jams 
that Trey kept pulling out. The vibration of life was really intense. Mike
went off about our 
eyes feeling heavy and our noses felling light, and I think we even flew a
little during it. I 
could definitle y feel the seven beats per second, and they held it for
longer than IUve seen 
or heard before. Trey started softly chanting RKung, Kung, Kung,S until
Fish grabbed his 
mic, then they all sang the Kung chant. I was no longer human at this
point, and was 
somewhere around Mars or Jupiter enjoying the view. How they remembered to
go back 
into I am Hydrogen after all that i have no idea. It came and went with
its usual sillyness, 
Trey and Mike lying on their backs with feet in the air. Mike took a big
bass solo at the 
beginning of Weekapaug, and they kicked into a good groove. They kind of
stumbled into 
Have Mercy, and Fish had a hard time going from the Weekapaug rhythm into
a reggae 
one, but it kind of worked. The words were jumbled but by that time so was
the audience. 
Back into Weekapaug for a minute until Gene Simmons appeared. I had been
trying to 
convince Shelly that he was there but she refused to believe me. The band
broke into Rock 
and Roll All Night and Gene came up for a verse. He looked great. Very
complete costume 
and makeup job. They finally finished Weekapuag and took a breath before
FEFY. When 
Fish came out for his song he did the band and crew intros, and then
R You might be wondering why this is taking so long. We are reaaalllyy
mellow up hereS
Love you was super mellow, and then Fish ran around the stage afterwards.
Harry Hood 
was a little rough at first, it seemed like they were tired after the
MikeUs Song extraveganza, 
but the solo was wonderful. Tweezer reprise was the perfect way to end the
set, and it 
rocked as usual. Sleeping Monkey was another fine choice, and it was
   Okay, I have spewed enough. I was truly moved by these shows. Hi to
Shelly, Matt, and 
                                        -Brian Feller



Date:    Fri, 20 Feb 1998 18:43:34 GMT
From:    tkartzman@KWASHA.COM
Subject: 2/20!!!!

Since B-Rak brought it up, I thought I'd comment, just so it doesn't go

[At least] Once a year, I get a little misty eyed when show anniversaries
come around.  Today is the 5th anniversary of what I still consider to be the
best Phish show I have on tape (out of close to a thousand).

2/20/93 at the Roxy Theater in Atlanta, GA was stupendous.  The first set
doesn't blow you away as the best ever, but come on- who are you to stare a
string of Foam, Sloth, Possum, Weigh, ATR, Divided Sky and a ripping
Fluffhead, sandwiched between well played Golgi opener and a Cavern
encore.  But we're not even focusing on the first set, it's clearly all about the
second set.  The Wilson is fiery, and you know shit will be going down from
the get go.  Who recalls the Ozzy "Iron Man" tease by Mike before the
biddy-boom reprise?  You know what comes next.  THE BEST REBA EVER.
Hands down.  All the other Reba's are one or more notches below the
RoxyReba.  Oh, I've done the research- don't think I don't know what I'm
talking about.  It is the most influential version of any Phish tune for me.
People tend to look past the Wilson/Reba opener because the Tweezer is
just SO DEEP.  I mean, it never really ends, and from Tweezer to Groove it is
a melding of songs, teases, quotes, and ideas, in and out of everything
during the Mike's, with such randomness thrown in.  It's not just the
MMGAMOIO tease, it's all the other teases of songs they played and didn't
play.  A set with three covers- Walk Away Have Mercy, and Rock and Roll All
Night, featuring a fake Gene Simmons, Jay Von Lehe.  So solid!  The show
could have ended after the Groove and it would still be one of my faves.  But
when Phish blows you away, they blow you all the way out of the theater.
The Fast Enough For You is beautiful, and would be considered the icing on
the cake, if not for the ridiculous Hood they throw at you before the Reprise,
which you know by now is my favorite set closer.  Oh, and don't think the
Sleeping Monkey encore isn't outrageous, 'cause it is.

Perhaps it has something to do with the sound quality available on these
tapes.  Perfect (and I rarely say that).  DSBDs are everywhere of this, so if
you haven't heard it, look around for it.  It is a must for even a half-assed
collector of Phish.  Also, see This Month in Phishstory at for
more on Feb. of 93.

2/20/93  Roxy Theater, Atlanta, GA
1: Golgi Apparatus, Foam, The Sloth, Possum, Weigh, All Things
Reconsidered, Divided Sky, Silent in the Morning, Fluffhead, Cavern
2: Wilson, Reba, Tweezer-> Walk Away-> Tweezer-> Glide-> Mike's Song->
My Mind's Got a Mind of its Own-> Kung-> I am Hydrogen-> Weekapaug
Groove-> Have Mercy-> Rock and Roll all Night*-> Weekapaug Groove-> Fast
Enough for You, Big Ball Jam, HYHU, Terrapin, Harry Hood, Tweezer
E: Sleeping Monkey

* With "Gene Simmons", a.k.a. Jay Von Lehe.

And, on a smaller scale (but equally important to me), today is the one year
anniversary of me flying to Italy for the best run of Phish shows in the
smallest of places.  Ahhh, Cortemaggiore....


Ted Kartzman
Actuarial Analyst
The Kwasha Lipton Group