From: I'd like to cut your head off whatta you say?

Subject: 3/18/93 setlist
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1993 18:13:39 GMT

Hey folks,

Got back from good 'ole rockytop states about 5:30, and just woke up, so I
thought I'd post the setlist and a short review.  If there are any
corrections needed, please feel free to do so.....

PHISH@The Electric Ballroom, Knoxville, TN  --3/18/93--

Chalkdust Torture
Guelah Papyrus
My Poor Heart
Tweezer-->extended jam-->foam *HOT!!*
Antelope-->woodblock solo-->Antelope#


Punch You in the Eye
Mikes Song-->
I Am Hydrogen-->
-->Another One Bites the Dust riff-->Weekapaug Groove
======Sound board fizzle fries!!!! :(========
Amazing Grace
Sweet Adeline
======Rubber band fight!!!!! :)===========
Rocky Top -- Trey and Mike play electric through the moniters, Page plays 
acoustic, Fish (Tubbs) play trombone(with solo!!)

#all fall down signal
*CRAKLE POP....sizzle -- sound board gets fried...:(

Wow....kind of a bummer about the soundboard in the second set.  I still
had a great time,(despite getting lost in Knoxville...does anyone in TN
know where they are?)  Probably the most unique show I've seen. I
requested Harpua in the second set for an encore, but Paul was having some
serious problems with the board.  It seemed that the place was cold
inside, so all the heat generated from people+the thick, THICK, fog during
Mike's Groove caused condensation either on the board, or on the ceiling
causing it to drip onto the board...I don't know.  The worst part of it
was that after the show I spoke with Trey and he said that Harpua was next
on his list!!! I couldn't believe it!!! Oh well, the guys were really
sorry after the show, but there was nothing to be done.  After driving six
hours to get to Knoxville we were seriously lost!!!  This place is
amazing...No one knows how to get anywhere!!  We must have stopped six or
seven times, being told different directions every time!! Finally found
it!! It was wierd...It was under all these Highway overpasses, tucked in
this huge warehouse looking place. It looked like the type of place the
mafia murders people, and buries them. All in all, a wierd location! I
guess the Greenpeace people were as lost as we were as well!! The place
was this huge bar type hall, about the size of Bogart's or so, and it was
just like a funky warehouse with some acoustic panels here and there.  I
couldn't tell how the sound was, since I was tucked right in back of the
speakers in front of Fish's kit. (one of the safer places for my ears!!)
It was a great show though...the Tweezer-->Foam jam was relly (ReALY)
excellant!! Also, I thought despite the technical problems in thr second
set, the set was really unique! I guess it's true that limits produce
improvisation. After doing three acapella songs, they did Rocky Top, semi-
acoustic, (of course being in Tenn.!!) It was great, especially with an 
outstanding solo by Fish on trombone!! The guys were more social then 
they've been able to be in a while I think, because the scene was relaxed.
They were walking aroung, talkin to peolple, it was nice. I got to ask
Page about some of the equipment, including Fish's drumset, so maybe I'll
put that on file.  Also saw some old friends, and just had a great
time!!! Not a show that I'd want to trade, but a show that I personally
would like to get, being a diif. kind of show...



jon--.feast :)

From: (Chris Schumacher)
Subject: Surprise at Knoxville show!!!
Date: 20 Feb 93 12:55:26

This was my first show and it was fantastic.  There was also a big
suprise at the end:

Well into the second set, the soundboard got fried and the show came
to a halt while the engineers tried to resurrect it.  In the meantime,
the phishters did 3 BARBER SHOP QUARTET songs!  When it was clear that
the soundboard was gone for good, they used what little amplification
they had and did a rendition of Rocky Top with our drummer playing the

The first barber shop song they did was Amazing Grace, and they did a
good job, as far as I could tell!  It did seem a bit odd to hear them
sing it, but it got thunderous applause!

Well, there it is.