From: elessar@PHYSICS.UNC.EDU (Shawn Mehan)
Subject: 2.15.93 CHAPEL HILL
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1993 05:42:39 GMT

Let me start for appologizing for any errors to come, my typing skills are 
somewhat slurred at the moment!->

What a hot show. I mean HOT HOT HOT. The energy of this show was
stupifying. I have followed phish for a few years and they do
change but they also are maturing to even better heights....

anyway, the show with the wrong order I am sure...

opened with accapella Amazing Grace, all gathered at front
of stage.

Suzy Greenberg
Divided Sky (great lights)
Harriet/Beast boy trombone jam (tubs should go with the Giant Country
Chalkdust Torture *
Stash *
G. Papyrus *
Run Like an Antelope WOW really different, long, extended,...

Set II
Rift *
Fast enough for you (they can go far with this one, trey very focused on
Reba **
Weekapaugh Groove HOLY COW trampoline/gymanastics/light-o-rama/jane fonda
still more HOLY COW, see above
Bike (harriet did an extended solo on her electrolux 1967 two wheels about
to fall off. The other boys sat back and watched. Then Harriet sprinted
the auditorium, both levels, and almost balcony dived into the crowd.)
Fee (with bullhorn. finally figured out how they did the album version)
Poor Heart

Contact dedicated to the bus driver Charlie, real touching, good version

and now the standard grovel, I saw tapers in the audience. Please mail me


From: (Bill Madden)
Subject: slack-jawed troglodyte's comment on Chapel Hill
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1993 08:46:45 GMT

UNC-Chapel Hill, a fine public private school :^)

Memorial Hall proves to be a beast acoustically. There was some distortion
in the low-end, and reverb in the vocals in about half the hall. But

Set I
Nice Amazing Grace, though loud-mouths kept pouring in the doors yappin
their jaws. Suzy, was, well as good as any anthem should be. Sparkle was
hyper. Guelah Papyrus was nice, Trey was really on right before the coda,
nice jams. Divided Sky was airy and tight when needed. Trey was stoic
through most of the variations of solo theme. Esther was up to no good, as
usual. Chalkdust was textbook enjoyable. My jury is still out on Mound.
Not much jamming and modulated near the studio cut. Stash was fun, though
the problems with the vocal clarity was augmented throughout. I Didn't
Know features Tubbs on 'bone, "one of the best crossdressing trombonists
in the nation." Run Like An Antelope, YES! I Like it. Nice honest intro,
and beautiful solos.

Set II
Rift, Fish stood out on this one for me. Seemed tight overall. Fast Enough
For You, well was it? Reba, flowing jams, Mike tears it up. Mike's Groove.
Trampolines in Mike's Tune, great strobe lights and smoke, lots of smoke.
For awhile, while out there, I imagined that I was being encoded with evil
binary data from the strobes. My friend said it gave him a headache. Trey
and Mike toy march front and center towards each other during I Am
Hydrogen. When colliding, it made me think of I atoms colliding to form a
hydrogen bond. Egads. Weekapaug was not stellar, but good. I like The
Wedge. Tonight's intro threw me. Page came right in, not just drums, which
supposedly sounds like The You Know Who. But, the studio cut reminds me of
a lilting XTC track.  Anyway, it was muddy at the start, but Page really
went off on the baby grand. I like that, and it was very cool seeing his
fingers. There was a theme that he was playing during the middle of Wedge,
was some schoolkid playground I think, but I could not place it before it
was gone. Poor Heart was nice and crisp. What stood out for me was the
ending. It was exceptionally syncypated this time, bouncing quarky up and
down longer than usual. Really kicked my ass. bouncing ball jam, all 3
balls made it up to the balcony, with resounding cheers. The vacuum comes
out, and Trey takes over on skins, short hold your head high theme. Jon
stands at the mike and announces that they are going to play Honey
Lovin...No we are going to do a song called bike. Cheers. Tubbs plays the
mean vacuum, after which he gives a Bette Midler bow, and runs up into the
audience, up the stairs to the balcony back down the other side, and back
into bike...No mom, he doesn't wear the dress for that reason, really
you'd have to see it... I wanted to hear Fee, and I got it, trying to live
a live that is totally free! Llamarama, flaming as usual.

Encore: Trey tells the busdriver to come out for a second. Charles.
Charles this one is for you *thumbs up*
Contact. Trey and Mike went out there on the scales on this one. It was a 
fun trip, damn nice. Fire, glowin sharp nail in the the coffin o bliss.

Overall, very fun show. The sorority dates behind us politely stayed for
the whole show :^) I have a good line from two of the four tapers that
were there. One guy, Eric Raimy from Toronto is trying to get on If turned out nicely, he would be willing to support a
DAT seed for net  distribution. Any DATheads out there email me, and I
will give you his snail mail address and info.

See yous guys in Winston-Salem. A friend in Winston says that the next
venue, Benton Conv. Center is big and boxy. It will be GA, so that is

Me sleep now, Wm

Bill Madden
No icon tact