From: (Jeff Rizzo)
Subject: Rochester!!!
Date: 10 Feb 93 06:14:29 GMT

Just got back from the show at the Auditorium Theater.  Nice!!!  My first
Phish since Cornell in November, and it was pretty smokin'.

Just a couple of points before I hit the sack.

Lights were EXCELLENT.   definitely the best I've seen.  I especially
the banners with the different lighting patterns. The strobe effect w/
smoke during Mike's song was most psychedelic, especially with the balcony
swaying beneath my feet.  Weekapaug groove was HOT!

One other thing I notcied... an AWFUL lot of dealers... I must've gotten
asked 5-6 times if I wanted doses/shrooms.... never seen anything that
blatant before.  Hope it doesn't irk the folks who run the theater too
much.. it was a nice venue.

Bought for the price of a flagon of rice,
Jeff Rizzo           |    | It happens sometimes... people just explode.

From: "David H. Lyons" 
Subject: Rochester rocks!!
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1993 16:13:52 GMT

Howdy ho!  There was a whole-lotta phishing going on last night in
To all who could not go--- nya nya nya nya nyaaa nya!!!
Anyway, here are the catches of the night...

All in all, a really swell show.  I love when they play in those quaint
old theaters. The curved walls provide great acoustics.  Of course, I may
have a soft soft spot in my heart(and my head too) for those kinds of
places coz' my first show was in Sommerville. The scene was cool, and the
crowd did finally calm down for Amazing Grace.

See ya on the grey side!

From: Aaron Frost 
Subject: 2/9/93 Rochester
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1993 21:47:53 GMT

        Well I thought I sent this last night when I got home, but then I
        pretty tipsy, fuddled, and woosie.

        Set 1                 Set II
David Bowie             Punch You in the Eye
Bouncin Around          Mikes Song >
Poor Heart              I am Hydrogen >
My Friend (x2)          Weekagaug Groove
Rift                    Weigh
The Wedge               My Sweet One    
Chalkdust Torture       Sample in a Jar
Esther >                Big Ball Jam
Maze                    Stash
Golgi Apparatus         Lizards
                        Hold Your Head Up Theme >
                        Amazing Grace (acapella w/mic)

                        Enc:  Cavern, Rocky Top

        Alot of us went to the Horizontal Boogie Bar after to see a 12
        piece reggaie band.  Mike and Page showed up.  I talked with Page
        for a good 10 minutes, some of what he said was:

        I told him about the ? on the net as to wether he would paint
        a logo on the piano:  "You can tell the net I will NEVER do

        I asked him what the band does on a day off like the one they
        had the night before. " We just stay in our rooms and watch TV.
        each have our own rooms and that's what I did, I think the others
        did also."  Here (meaning rochester) or on the road?
        "Here. Over at the Days Inn"

        I requested Squirming Coil, noting that is was absent (tonight)
        and he shrugged his shoulders and said probably.  I let him know
        how much I was looking forward to his long solo on the baby grand.

        We also discussed his positioning on stage.  His piano was angled
        so that you could see his hands.  Probably 20 degrees.  I really
        liked that, and let him know.  However when he plays the organ he
        does have his back to us.

        I was a very enjoyable post show meeting.

        P.S.  The horizontal boogie bar called the event "Is there life
        Phish"  There were T-Shirts made up and everything.

From: (Michael Myers)
Subject: Re: Rochester rocks!!
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1993 22:03:22 GMT

In article <1993Feb10.161352.4421@uvaarpa.Virginia.EDU> "David H. Lyons"  
 writes (in part) the setlist for Rochester:
> Set II
> ------
> Punch You In The Eye (!)

Hey, punch you in the eye was aamazing, but... how could you forget that  
this actually went, 

Punch You in the Eye->
Punch You in the Eye->

(and possibly PYITE again for the ending?)

Smokin' fast Landladies, but, hey unforgettable! First set was good, but  
not the greatest. Some sound problems -- very washed out -- watch out for  
first set tapes. Page ruled first set -- he weas the loudest and most  
distinct and IMHO was doing the most interesting stuff; that Grand is  
sweeter than georgia honey pie. Second set was, well the best music I've  
ever seen. And the sound was impeccable. Trey kicked a Big Ball to kill  

BTW, saw Fishman and Mike at Horizontal Boogie Bar afterwards checking out  
the band there...Fishman was playing Pinbot for a long time, an addiction  
I too unfortunately share....