From: (eighqmes)
Subject: setlist & comments, Lisner (2-7-93)
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1993 19:34:08 GMT

Lisner Auditorium, GWU (Washington, DC) 
Feb 7, 1993     8pm

set I                                   set II

suzie greenberg                         llama
buried alive                            fast enough for you
poor heart                              my mind's got a mind of it's own
it's ice                                reba
sparkle                                 tweezer
colonel forbin's ascent                 big ball jam
--> narration                           glide
--> fly famous mockingbird              you enjoy myself
rift                                    clementine
i didn't know                           squirming coil
split open and melt                     if i only had a brain
fee                                     tweezer reprise
runaway jim                             e: amazing grace (a cappella)


not what i'd call a spectacular show, but still had its merits.  my own
perception was probably marred somewhat by the fact that my seat was
located directly in front of the stage left speakers.

a few glitches popped up from here and there, like trey getting off sync 
on the opening to poor heart, but that's what recoveries are for.

the narration to gamehendge was pretty funny: trey started talking about
everybody's feet suddenly taking root in the floor... and then we all
turned into trees... and our hands were turning into pods... pea pods...
and then... OMIGOD IT'S THE FARMER!!! ... so we get hoe'd up and put
on a truck to a factory, where we all get mushed... and turned into pea
stew.. and *swwwwip!* we're sealed into a glass jar.

now as a jar of pea stew, we're carted off to a store, where we end up
sitting on a shelf... we're wondering what's going to happen next... 
and then suddenly, coming down the aisle, is this woman... she's pushing
her cart.. and then... we catch her eye. she picks us up. she takes us
home. she's opening the jar *POP* (vacuum sealed for freshness!) and
we're being spooned... and then... OHMIGOD WE'RE BEING PUT INTO THE MOUTH

so we're inside the baby. and we're being digested. and then... well, and 
then there's this light... at the end of the tunnel... and... hey, we're
being pushed out into this giant diaper...

right. anyway, i started thinking about trey sounding reminiscent of bela
fleck (which they were playing before the show and during the
intermission, too) during mockingbird, and then when fish comes out with
his trombone, trey introduces him (in all his eyeball-mumu splendor) as
"Tubbs, the Little Beast Boy".

during the set break, i was hanging out at my seat and i noticed someone
come out the door to the backstage... it's mike... hey, it's mike! i went
over to say hi, got him to sign my shirt (guess i'll just have
to go to concerts until i get all four) and he just hung out by the door
for a while, looking around.

[somehow, i always thought he'd be taller. then again, i thought the same
thing about trey when i met him, too. but i digress.] 

set ii opened up with trey talking about how this was a Really Special 
Night but he'd tell us why later, and then he made a crack about Chelsea 
Clinton being over in the front row... then he dedicated llama to her
("this one's for you, chelsea.") later came a nice tight rendition of
Reba, marred only by the Lisner seat nazis who came around to make sure
nobody came within a foot of the stage, and popped all the balloons that
came around.

at the end of glide, they paused (as per usual) before the last note,
and i thought of something that shelley had told me about coming home
from the new years show - it was about how when the group just stops
and the whole crowd is silent, the audience gets confused... and then
restless... and then they go through three cycles of cheers, sort of
to reassure themselves that they haven't completely gone bonkers until
the performers deign to give them a clue... so i counted. sure enough,
it went: (silence) *cheer* (dies down. silence.) *bigger cheer* (dies.
die, phish moves on...)

mike was cooking at the end of You Enjoy Myself, but trey sounded like
he was having some serious feedback problems. or maybe i had completely
lost my sense of hearing by then. it did bring to mind thoughts of
whale calls, though.

page's solo at the end of squirming coil was unreal; not really the
musical quality as much as the reaction by the audience. all the lights
went down to purple with a spot on page, and the entire crowd was
perfectly silent. the entire room was fixed on this guy sitting at a
piano. it felt like something out of the twilight zone.

at the end of the show when they came out to do the encore, trey was
carrying a huge balloon and some flowers and finally explained why the
evening was so special: it was his sister's 30th birthday, and he
dedicated Amazing Grace to her.

we had to take off at the beginning of contact since the DC metro 
shuts off after midnight, but hey... whatever.

time to go write a review for the school paper.


Oh, it's the ocean flowing in our veins/Oh, it's the salt that's in our
Oh, 'cos we could've come so very far/In at least as many years...

Subject: Lisner Set List
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1993 21:43:18 GMT

I saw an incomplete set list of the Lisner show earlier and figured I
would give everyone a complete one to browse over. 

Overall, the show wasn't as tight as the previous two Roseland gigs.  The
first set got off to a slow start but had it's high points.  Runaway Jim
was a perfect way to end the hour and fifteen minute set.  The second set
featured a pleasent "If I Only Had A Brain", a first for me. However, the
hottest parts of this set were definitly "Llama" and "Reba."  "Amazing
Grace" was done micless, which sort of surprised me since they were using
a mic for the a cappella's at Roseland.  Anyways, just thought I would let
everyone in on the phestivities from the nations capitol.

"In summing up the moral seems a little bit obscure."