From: Charlie Dirksen
***REVISED Sep 1997***

5/16/95  Lowell Memorial Auditorium, Lowell, MA
	I still love listening to this fun show!!  All the "new" tunes
are played VERY well (indeed, this version of Theme is probably still
my favorite, although I dig 6/19/95, 11/27/96 and 8/16/97 a lot).  The
Reba has a gorgeous jam segment, and is probably my favorite version
next to 10/31/94 (another great Reba is 6/19/94, imo).  The YEM is
pretty standard, though.

6/14/95  Mud Island Amphitheater, Memphis, TN
	WOW!!!!!!  First set rocks with a Don't You Wanna Gumbo NICU
opener!!!  The Possum in the first is HOT, as is the Split Open
to close the damn first set!  Second set has an EXTREMELY HUGE version
of Tweezer (one of the experimental versions), that has some pleasant
jams in it, but a bit too much spacey crap for many people.  I think
it is a more fun version of Tweezer than the Jones Beach and Bangor
versions, though, for damn sure. Just not as sweet as 11/28/94.

6/16/95  Walnut Creek, Raleigh, North Carolina
	The best of ten shows I saw on this particular tour, without a
doubt, this show is PHHHHHAAAAAAAAAT!!!  Opens with a mighty fine
Halley's > DWD, but also includes Esther, Yamar (it was still actually
rare at this time.. har har har), Cry Baby Cry (!), Mind, Dog Faced
Boy, and a SIIICK Split Open and Melt in the first set.  The second
set opens with the VERY FIRST experimental Runaway JAM, which segues
into a good FREE (these two tunes take up about 35 mins!).  The You
Enjoy Myself in this set is one of my favorites, with some great
jamming from Boyd on Fiddle (Boyd of DMB) for a couple minutes (but
also some SEVERE Oye Como Va jamming from Trey).  The Axis (E) is
strong but not as fine as 12/28/94.

6/22/95  Finger Lakes Perf Arts Center, Canandaigua, NY
	First set is standard, but I mention the second set only
because so many people complained about it on the net (and off).  The
Theme > JAM > Tweezer > Tweezer Reprise is probably an hour, and is
basically the second set.  I think there's some great jamming in this
set (the last few minutes of Tweezer before the Reprise has some
almost "She's So Heavy" Beatles-esque jamming), but so many people
flamed the hell out of it, I don't know whether to recommend it.  I
won't be liquidating it, even though there is admittedly some shitty
spacey crap in this FLeezer.

6/26/95  Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs NY
	Like Mud Island and Walnut Creek, this show just SLAMS the
other shows on this tour!  Everything in the first set is great,
including the Gin, NICU, Sloth, and Possum.  Second set, though,
contains a fiendishly groovy DWD (unfinished) > **JAM** > Free, a
killer You Enjoy Myself and sick Antelope.  AT LEAST get this second
set.  This is probably my favorite show of the '95 tour, although Mud
Island and Walnut Creek aren't far behind.

10/7/95  Spokane Opera House, Spokane, WA
	A friend of mine did the tour from Shoreline through 10/8 and
agreed that this show was the best of the tour up thru 10/8 hands
down.  The *POWER* in both sets is easy to hear on the tapes (great
acoustics in the venue).  The Julius opener is good, but the Gumbo and
Possum that follow soon thereafter really smoke.  Wilson Antelope
closes the first set mightily (just as good as any sweet YEM would,
really!).  A lllong, gorgeous Makisupa opens the second set.  Split
Open RAGES, and both Ice and Frankenstein are strong.  Many of you
know that this Harry Hood is my favorite version (next to Kent
11/12/94).  Even though it is unfinished, the Theme-like ending --
after a spectacularly beautiful jam segment that only the people who
were present can fully appreciate (Trey jammed un-amplified at one
point, using the Opera House acoustics to the max) -- is better than
any "Feel good about Hood" lines, given the exceptional majesty of
this version, IMO. ;)  At over 16 mins or so, it is also one of the
longest Hoods (see 10/20/94 and 11/12/94 for comparably long versions).

10/24/95  Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WI
	First set contains 13 songs (!), including a decent Split to
close, Paul & Silas and Wolfman's.  Second set, though, contains the
most outrageous ANTELOPE I've ever heard (just an INSANE version that
lasts FOREVER), as well as an ok Theme and **excellent** YEM.

10/29/95  Louisville Gardens, Louisville, KY
	Another great Louisville show (what is it about shows in
Maine, Canada and Louisville!?), the first set contains, and I'm not
shitting you, Buried Alive, PYITE, Split, NICU, GUMBO, *AND* Slave,
all of which are played fine (nothing incredible, though, admittedly).
Second set opens with a sweeet Makisupa > Bowie, and contains a Shaggy
Dog (!) > Possum.  The Lifeboy Grace to close the set wasn't so hot,
to be sure, but the Funky Bitch (E) sure as hell was.

10/31/95  Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, IL
	Remember when you JUST HAD TO HAVE TAPES OF THIS SHOW!? Icculus
opens the first and Harpua closes it!  The Divided and Free are quite
good in the first set, but Harpua is LAME in my opinion, and Antelope
is (yawn) dull.  Second set Quadrophenia is *AWESOME*, of course.  The
third set rocks with one of the longest YEM's (with a great vocal
jam.. a little long, though), and probably my favorite versions of
Jesus Left Chicago and Suzy (with Dave Grippo and other horns).
Grippo's soloing in the Jesus is must-hear, imo.

11/11/95  Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA
	Probably one of the top ten or so shows of 1995, this
show has the power of 10/7/95 only with a better setlist.  The Mike's
Song and the Weekapaug Groove IN THE FIRST SET both SMOKE, as does the
Stash in this set.  Second set has killer verions of Bowie, Fluffhead,
and Antelope.  Don't be discouraged by the Acoustic Army and Bad Times
encores, because It Just Didn't Matter by that point.  The is
certainly one of the best complete Phish shows *ever*.

11/14/95  Orlando, FL
	Can't comment about the first set, but the second set has an
extremely long, experimental STASH that has some gorgeous jams in it.
It also has a SPECTACULAR You Enjoy Myself, which has an IMMIGRANT
SONG JAM in it (though brief).  A great Maze & Gumbo open the
set.  THE WEDGE and Rocky Top encores aren't too shabby, either.

11/22/95  USAir Arena, Landover, MD
	I mention this only because the first set looks good but is
wholly standard, and the second set has a 34 minute version of *FREE*
with some WILD JAMS in it and a BOTCHED Rift (my favorite version).
The YEM in this set is no better than average, but damn, check out
this wild version of Free, if you can spare a 90!!

11/30/95  Ervin J. Nutter Ctr., Dayton, OH
	First set blows, so stay away from it (even though the setlist
looks good.. it is deceiving!).  Second set, though, has a fantastic
Tweezer > Makisupa > Antelope, Scent, Free run of songs that really
rage!!   Definitely check this set out.  I personally really enjoyed
the delightfully short Harry Hood (E), even though Matt of HoodFiles
fame apparently didn't.  It isn't THAT impressive a version, I
suppose, but I enjoyed Trey's trilling in it nevertheless, and thought
it was a great conclusion of this show.

**Editor's Note:  You ought to try to hear **everything** from
December 1995, which really is an incredible month of Phish. **

12/7/95  Convention Center, Niagara Falls, NY
	First set is standard, but the second set opens with a fiery
Split Open with Innagaddadavidda teasing from Trey.  Second set also
has a good Reba, but what ROCKS is the Mike's Song > Weekapaug > JAM!!
Definitely check out this MikeSGroove if you get the chance.

12/9/95  Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY
	First set has a nice list but is perfectly standard with no
unusually impressive versions (liquidated).  Second set has one of the
best god damned You Enjoy Myself's I've ever heard:  Trey and Mike's
jamming in it is just GLORIOUS.. lots of teary-eyed themes to go
around, and well, much of it is repetitive, to be sure, but I love it
when they repeat gorgeous themes!  The Timber Ho, Gumbo, Wilson (with
Beavis and Butthead), Crossroads and Slave are pretty damn hot, too!!
One of the best sets of the year, imo, and yes, I still like it more
than 12/14/95-2.  Loving Cup (E) is pretty decent, but check out

12/11/95  Cumberland Cty Civic Center, Portland, ME
	First set has a good Stash, some Dog Logs, a solid Reba and
Tube.  Second set has a pretty good Bowie and **GREAT** Harry Hood.
The Funky Bitch and WMGGW that close the show are jammed on by both
Trey and WARREN HAYNES!!  Get this show if you can, but definitely get
12/9/95-2, 12/14/95-2, 12/31/95 and probably 12/29/95-2 sooner.

12/12/95  Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI
	Many of you hated the scene at this show, and it ruined the
show for you, but hell, the second set still has some gorgeous Phish
improv, imo (but again, I love classical music).  The DWD > JAM that
lasts for quite awhile does get kinda dull, but what fiery jamming
there is **IS GREAT**!!!  Additionally, the Runaway Jim that closes the
second set is easily one of the best versions I've ever heard!
Sounds like they were trying to jumpstart the crowd or something..

12/14/95  Broome Cty Forum, Binghampp&$*@&#%@ton, NY
	First set is extremely well played, but no versions stick out
as especially pleasing to ME.  Second set, though, is one of my
favorite sets of Phish and is one giant segue.   Curtain > Tweezer >
Timber Ho > Tweezer > Keyboard Army, Halley's Comet > JAM!!!! > NICU >
JAM!! > ***SLAVE*** and a great Axis (E).  If you get anything from
1995, get this set and 12/31/95 and you'll be just fiiine!

12/15/95  The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
	Some of you didn't like this show, but damn it, Harry Hood is
the second song in the FIRST set and the Possum that closes the first
is pretty damn good imo.   The Bathtub Gin > JAM in the second does get
pretty lame, I'll admit (it is very WTF..?), but the David Bowie
is up there with 12/29/94 and other SERIOUS versions of Bowie.  It
blows 12/11 away, imo, and numerous other '95 Bowies.  The GTBT >
Tweezerreprise Jam encore is pretty cool, too, imo.  At least HEAR
this second set if you have the extra blank.

12/29/95  Worcester Centrum, Worcester, MA
	There's a solid NICU and an incredible Stash in the first set
(even though the ending is a bit shabby).  The jam segment of this
Stash is up there with my favorite versions (5/19/94, 11/14/95,
8/15/93, 7/2/97..).  Second set has a sweeeet Makisupa opener, an
outrageous HOSE EVERYONE DOWN Bathtub Gin > Real Me > Bathtub Gin, and
a delightful Bass duet between Mike and his bass teacher, which segues
into the first LA GRANGE since 8/14/93!!

12/31/95  Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY
	Nothing to say about this show.. except:
(1)  PYITE Sloth opener;
(2)  pleasant Reba in the first (many folks' favorite version);
(3)  Drowned > JAM (w/ FOTM tease) to open the second set;
(4)  a Runaway JAM (reminiscent of 6/16/95, but foreshadowing...);
(5)  a fantastic Mike's Song > JAM to close set two;
(6)  the sickest Weekapaug > JAM!! I've ever heard, which segues
beautifully into a Sea and Sand that blows 10/31/95 away;
(7)  a magnificent version of YEM that contains a spooky, thematic
and captivating JAM segment;
(8)  ***SANITY***; and,
(9)  the best damn Johnny B. Goode Phish has ever performed.  Still.

This show is, next to 10/31/94, easily the best Phish show I've ever
seen, and definitely one of the best I've ever heard.  The
improvisational JAMS are all extremely good, and sound, for the most
part, like rehearsed, melodious MUSIC!  If you aren't impressed by
this show, I don't recommend acquiring any other Phish tapes prior to
it, because it really doesn't get much better than this show.  Until 
1997. =^] 

two cents