From: Charlie Dirksen
***REVISED Sep 1997***

4/9/94  Broome County Arena, Binghamppttt@%#$$on, NY
	I liquidated the first set of this show awhile ago, but the
second set, which is available on cDSBD, is remarkable, and is without
question my favorite *SET* from this month, EVEN THOUGH it opens with
Sample and ends with Cavern.  The MikeSGroove *ROCKS!!*, as does the Reba
and Slave.  Peaches, Demand and Tela aren't too sloppy, either!

4/23/94  Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA
	Funky Bitch opens the show, Merl Saunders sits in on Caravan
and Hi Heeled Sneakers to close the first set (which had a nice Stash
and DWD, too!).  If this wasn't enough, Wilson > Antelope blows open
the second set, which also witnesses a decent Hood and a Serious
version of YEM with Colonel Bruce from ARU (and a weird "Who By Fire"
sung at YEM's end).  Freebird (E).  Get this show (another '94 out on
cDSBD)... best *SHOW* of April 1994, imo.  The Stash is pretty HOT, too!

5/7/94  The Bomb Factory, Dallas, TX
	A lot has been written about the second set, which was the first
(and arguably still the only true) TWEEZERFEST.  The Tweezer jamming
in the second set included a severe Mind Left Body tease from Trey,
not to mention a good Sparks (the Who tune), Makisupa (ok version, but
not that hot), some Sweet Emotion jamming (Aerosmith), an entire 'Walk
Away' (Joe Walsh), and Cannonball.  The Purple Rain is good, but the
close of this set -- a HYHU ***JAM*** that segues into a severe
Tweezer Reprise -- will drop your jaw.  The first set of this show
doesn't circulate that well, but it is still pretty good:  a strong
Divided, lovely Fast, decent Scent, and niiiice Split.  Every Phish
tape collector ought to have a good copy of the second set of this
show, because nearly CD-quality analogs are available, and it is

5/13/94  Hayden Square, ASU, Tempe, AZ
     A friend of mine graduated from ASU around this time, and I was
going to fly out for this show (DOH!!).  Although the setlist of this
show is outrageously plebeian, do not be fooled!!  It is an intensely
jammed, tight show, which is available on some ultra-crispy FOB tapes
that sound better than many SBDs, in my opinion.  Excellent versions
of Jim, Julius, Stash, Slave, Chalkdust, Split, and YEM.  A
significantly above average show, and easily one of the best of 1994.
Another Freebird (E) !!

5/27/94  Warfield Theater, The Most Beautiful City in the USA, CA
	Many of you have raved about this show, and well, it is
deservedly highly rated.  It would have been criminal for me to have
left it out of this thread.  The Hood and Bowie in the first set are
quite decent (nice PYITE, too), and the second set has an EXCELLENT
version of Possum.  The second set also has the very first "Simple,"
and well, I think it COMPLETELY SUCKS and sounds COMPLETELY
UNREHEARSED, but apparently, the **ENERGY** between the crowd and the
band during this set made for some serious HOSE.  An opera singer came
out and sang O Mio Babino Caro after a MikeS > Simple >MikeS jam.  The
Suzy Peaches MyFriend Reba run to open the second set isn't half-bad,

6/11/94  Red Rocks, Morrison, CO
	Mike mentioned before the Fall 94 tour that 5/7/94 and this
show were his personal favorites from the April-July tour.  I don't
know if he STILL really likes these shows, but I think they are well
above the norm for pre-1995.  This Red Rocks show is more fun to my
ears than even 8/20/93 (Judas!!!!).  The first set YEM is one of my
favorite versions:  Trey's jamming is melodiously engaging and
extremely thematic (teary-eyed, to be sure).  The Stash to close the
first isn't bad, and the DWD jam segment is also quite bold (in the
first).  The second set opens with a fiery Also Sprach > Antelope &
Fluffhead, but the power doesn't stop.  The Scent, Split Open (!),
Coil, Maze, Contact and Frankenstein that finish the set are all very
well-played.  This show is available on DatFM, since it was
broadcasted...  High quality copies should be available everywhere.

6/17/94  Eagles Auditorium, Milwaukee, WI
	The first set of this show was dull and I liquidated it, but
the second set is one of those EVENTS in Phishtory that all should
experience.  The "OJ" Set (many references to OJ .. "run, OJ, run!"),
it contains a pretty straightforward Also > Sample opening, but things
get weird with Poor Heart (probably my favorite version, just for
Fish's OJ antics).  The Mike'S Groove, which contains Simple, is
*GREAT* (Hydrogen contains "Simple" lyrics, too!), as is the Harpua
(with a Voodoo Child tease!).  The Julius > Frankenstein to close the
set is pretty smokin', too.  Definitely not a run of the mill second
set by any Stretch..

6/18/94  UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL
	Again, I thought the first set was dull and liquidated it, but
the SECOND SET (which is available on very crispy cDSBD) contains a
sweeet Peaches > Bowie (hi hat) > Mind Left Body *JAM* > Bowie to
open.  The Horn, McGrupp's, Tweezer, Lifeboy, YEM, and Chalkdust that
complete the set are also all very fine!!  Ignore the Bouncintweezerep

6/22/94 Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Columbus, OH
	First set has a nice Gumbo and Maze, which I kept around, but
I wasn't otherwise moved.  The second set is one of my favorite sets
of Phish of all time, for damn sure.  Just incredible energy, even by
late '95 standards (which is saying alot!).  The Sample, Carolina (E)
Cavern (E) close to this show ain't pretty, of course, but it just
doesn't matter.  Just look:  Also Sprach > MikeS > Simple > Catapult >
Simple > Iccus, Simple > MikeS > Hydrogen > Weekapaug > TMWSIY >
Fluffhead, MSO, Jesus Just Left Chicago!!! One of the best
MikeSGrooves out there, still!  Get this set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6/26/94  Municipal Auditorium, Charleston, WV
	The famous Gamehoist show.  I could have gone to this show and 
didn't, because I was an idiot. It is certainly well-played (first set 
is Gamehendge, topped off with Divided Sky!! and the second set is 
Hoist!), and the Tube (E) was quite a treat, but the Gamehendge really 
isn't as strong as 3/22/93 or 7/8/94.  The highlight for me is 
probably the DWD, which is around 9 minutes or something, which was a 
big deal at the time.... it is one of the greatest versions of 1994.

7/5/94  The Congress Center, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
	First set is fairly straightforward, outside of the Curtain >
Letter to Jimmy Page treat, and decent Stash.  Second set, though,
opens with PYITE and has a powerful Gin > Lifeboy, Cities, You Enjoy
Myself, Great Gig in the Sky run, which I personally **DIG**.  That
the show ends with MSO, Grace, Golgi and Bad Times (E) is
disheartening, to be sure, but the rest of the set makes up for it.

7/6/94  St. Denis Theater, Montreal
	This whole show ROCKS!  Everything in the first set is sweeet,
especially the Reba and Bowie.  The second set contains some fantastic
Tweezer jamming, with Also Sprach and HYHU and Jazzy themes, and a
humorous BBFCFM > Sample > BBFCFM.  The Harry Hood is a fantastic
version, and would be even better, were it not for The Damn Usher That
Wouldn't Shut Up at one point on my tapes.  Funky Bitch ends the show.

7/8/94  Great Woods, Mansfield, MA
	The more excellent of two consecutive above average gigs at
Great Woods, the first set is GAMEHENDGE, and a very strong version at
that.  I still prefer 3/22/93, even though this version is clearly
tighter than 6/26/94 (and is similarly topped off with Divided).  I
like the Nitrous in it, otherwise, I think it is pretty standard fare,
version-wise.  Second set opens embarassingly with Rift Sample, but
the Reba is niiice, the Stash is **MAGNIFICENT** (and is on "A Live
One"), and the YEM > Frankenstein > YEM is pretty damn good, too!

7/13/94  Big Birch Concert Pavilion, Patterson, NY
	All of these shows that ended the '94 summer tour are hot (and
better than many '95-6 shows I've heard), but the second set of this
show and 7/16/94-2 really stand out imo.  This set opens with a SIIICK
Possum, and then "Cavern" sung with "Wilson" lyrics!!!!  Definitely
check this out!  The Nicu > Tweezer > Julius > Tweezer Jam > I Know A
Little jam > BBFCFM (played bluegrass-style like Scent) > Tweezer Jam
is very, very hot, too.  The Slave is pretty standard, to my ears
(i.e., another gorgeous version).

7/16/94  Sugarbush Amphitheater, Fayston, VT
	I liquidated set one, but set two is truly, truly The Set
That Closed The Tour!  Antelope > Catapult > Antelope opens, and if
that wasn't sweeeet enough, is followed by a Harpua > Also Sprach >
Harpua, Ac/Dc Bag, solid Scent, typically beautiful Harry, and a
Contact > Chalk Dust.  An upbeat Suzy (E) sends everyone home smilin'...

** Editor's Note:  There's a lot of SWEET PHISH from October, November
and December 1994.  I only touch on what I feel is severely must-hear,
and obviously do not speak for everyone -- even those who have heard the
whole tour (or almost all of it, like me).  You would be wise to check
out as much as you can from November 1994, in particular. **

10/15/94  Oak Mtn. Auditorium, Pelham, AL
	No longer have the first (blah), but the second set jams.  The
Also Sprach > Jim opener is nice, not to mention Halley's Comet (sets
with this tune very often **SMOKE**, fwiw).  YEM > Catapult > YEM is
quite good, too.  But what I really dig is the Jam > Eyes of the Maker
with the Dave Matthews band that closes the show!!

10/18/94 Vanderbilt Univ. Memorial Gym, Nashville TN
     Get the second set of this show!!  The tunes with Bela Fleck on 
banjo are magnficent, and should blow you away.  Probably my favorite 
version of "Llama."  Excellent Bowie and Reba, too.

10/23/94  The Band Shell, Univ Gainesville, FL
	This Free Show was really hot in the second set (nice Stash in
the first set, but I still liquidated it).  There's some Santana
action in the Runaway Jim opener (some teasing of Gypsy Queen, if I
recall correctly).  The Halley's YEM DWD run is quite good, too.  And
the Harry Hood is on "A Live One," and deservedly so, even though
the 11/12/94 Kent version kicks its butt.

10/29/94  Memorial Auditorium, Spartanburg, SC
	Excellent, seriously above average Phish show, and a damn good 
warm-up to one of the greatest Phish shows in history. The first set 
closes with a fantastic Split Open > Buffalo Bill > Makisupa Policeman 
> Rift!  This Rift is probably (outside of 11/22/94) my favorite 
version (because of the segue into it).  Second set opens with a HOT 
DWD TMWSIY and SPARKS!  The YEM and Bike aren't shabby, either.  But 
the damn Antelope > Sleeping Monkey > Antelope to close the set JAMS!  
Just a little Harry Hood (E) ... ;)

10/31/94  Glens Falls Civic Center, Glens Falls, NY
	A very beautiful outro-jam to the Simple (in a time before Simple
was massively jammed-out).  My favorite Harpua (with War Pigs tease
and the Vibration of Death).  My absolute favorite Reba (next to
5/16/95, of course).  A very delicious Divided Sky.  The Beatles White
Album. A gorgeous mid-third set Slave.  Nearly 4 hours of music.
Ended at 3:30am. A great Contest JAM between Mike and Fish.. ;)  My
favorite version of Sleeping Monkey (I actually *LOVE* this tune,
folks... but then I also LOVE Fish's vacuum tunes..).  ANYWAY, if you
don't have this show, your collection is **A JOKE** in my opinion.

11/12/94 Kent State Univ., Kent, OH

	Dan Nooter wrote a great review of this show.  Can't say much
about the first set (the Stash is **GROOOVY**, but I still like
11/14/95, 5/19/94, and 12/29/95 more; Guyute is pretty damn HOT,
too!), but the 2nd set, for the most part, is yet another Spectacular
set of Phish (like most of the second sets of this amazing month). The
Fluffhead opener is fine, but the DWD > JAM > Have Mercy > DWD >
Lifeboy that follows is AWE-INSPIRING, and should be heard by All. The
Have Mercy is easily the most gorgeous version that I've heard (I
think I've heard them all, or close to it).  Some excellent segues.
The real killer, though, in this set, is the Harry Hood, which, like
10/20/94 and 10/7/95, is pretty "experimental" in that it gets quiet
for awhile and is kinda loose.  But it is, without question, the most
incredible Harry Hood I've heard that has an ending jam (my favorite
version without the proper ending jam is easily 10/7/95).  Fans of the
7/1/95, 4/18/92, 12/11/95, 12/30/95 and 12/31/93 Hoods should seek
this out as soon as possible.  Killer Hood. I don't understand why
this didn't make the DLCD.. I guess length, but I doubt it is much
longer than 10/23/94.

11/16/94  Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI
	First set has a good Fast, sweeeet Reba, and decent Stash, and
some bluegrass tunes with the Reverend Jeff Mosier on banjo or
something.  Second set has a GLORIOUS ***JAM*** out of the Mike's Song
> Simple that opens the set.  This JAM goes through several stages,
and ought to be experienced by all fans.. some beautiful space and
some fiery JAMs!!  The Antelope to close the set is pretty damn hot, too.

11/22/94  Jesse Auditorium, Columbia, MO
	The second set of this show was a car tape for many months (I
used to drive a beat-up '76 Chevy Nova, license plate IT).  It opens
with an EXTREME Funky Bitch > JAM!!!  This JAM!!! really smokes, and
I just loved playing it over and over and over again, although I
haven't listened to it in some time.  There's a Cry Baby Cry and
Blackbird in this set, and a good Runaway Jim > BBFCFM, too.  The
Harry is pretty good, but the Lizards (E) is botched by Trey, if I
recall correctly.  Still, a set you should check out just for the

11/26/94  The Orpheum Theater, Minneapolis, MN
	The first of the **HUGE** versions of David Bowie (see also
12/29/94-2), the second set of this show ROCKS, because of the
engaging Bowie (I can't remember how long it is, but Halley's > Bowie
takes up about 40 some-odd minutes).  Slave is a real nice close to
the set, too, and is the "A Live One" version.

11/28/94  Field House at MSU, Bozeman, MT
	I love the second set of this show!  The Tweezer is the second
experimental version after Bangor 11/2/94 (the 11/2 version is on "A
Live One"), and I think it takes Bangor FOR STRONG!  Some very serious
JAMMING in this version, and what space there is ain't BLECH to listen
to (like some Phish space).  I've heard all of the other HUGE versions
of Tweezer (the FLeezer, Jones Beach, Mud Island, Bangor), but this
one takes the cake.  Get the 11/23/94 Tweezer, though, if you want to
hear truly gorgeous Phish space.

11/30/94  Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA
	Not talked about enough, the second set of this show is
basically one giant segue (like 5/7/94-2 Bomb Factory, 12/14/95-2
Binghamton, etc.).  The Halley's > Antelope > My Sweet One > Antelope >
Fixin to Die > Yamar is hotter than all hell, and should definitely
be heard, but I'm not much of a fan of the Mike's Song > Catapult.  Or
the plebeian Horse > Silent, Grace encores (punishment for such a great
set).  Anyone else want to see Grace played once a tour AT MOST!?!?
It is ***AMAZING GRACE***, after all..

12/1/94  Salem Armory, Salem, OR
	This thread would have been a complete waste of valuable
Lamehendge bandwith if this show were left out.  Sure, Sample opens
the show, BUT IT ISN'T THAT BAD, and the Fast, Guyute and Split in the
first are all decent.  The second set opens sweetly with Peaches, but
the highlight is the Tweezer > Norwegian Wood tease > BBFCFM >
Makisupa > NICU > JAM > Tweezer > Jesus Just Left Chicago, Harry
Hood.  I get chills whenever I hear the segue into NICU out of
Makisupa.. one of my favorite segues for sure.  At least get this
well jammed second set, if not the whole damn show.

12/8/94  Spreckels Theater, San Diego, CA
	Some jerk illegally patched into Paul's DAT at this show and so
most everyone should have DSBDs of it.  It is mixed for venue, though,
and not for us, which is why it is very flat (I think the DAUD with
AKG 460s sounds more REAL).  A truly above average show, Makisupa
opened (first time ever that Makisupa opened a show), and segued into
an excellent Maze.  The PYITE > Simple > Catapult > Simple, though,
REALLY jams, and should be heard at all costs.  Second set has a solid
Possum opener, good Reba and Bowie.  But if you are short on blanks,
just get the first set, imo.

12/28/94  Philadelphia Civic Center, Phili, PA
	Arguably the best of the NYE '94 run, this show totally smokes.
12/31/94 has a great setlist, but isn't nearly as well played, for the
most part, as this show (the 12/31/94 Antelope is one of the lamest
versions ever played).  First set contains powerful versions of
Julius, Reba and Antelope (the Gin is kinda weird.. can't say I really
like it). The second set, however, opens with a KILLER Suzy > NICU,
and a magnificent MikeSMangoGroove.  There's some excellent Little
Drummer Boy theme-jamming from Trey in this thrilling Weekapaug, too.
Great Axis encore, which is still my favorite version.

12/29/94  Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI
	Stay away from the first set (extremely poor, except for the
great segue into FOAM out of Runaway), but the second set contains the
most incredible David Bowie I've ever heard, for damn sure (see also
the 7/30/97, 11/26/94 and 8/21/93 versions).  This Bowie is
somewhere around 35 minutes, if I recall. The tightest and most
sinister Guyute I've ever heard opens the set, too (Guyute fans should
also check out 11/12/94 Kent as well).

(two cents)