From: Charlie Dirksen

***REVISED Sep 1997***

2/19/93  The Roxy, Atlanta, GA
	This show is in the shadow of 2/20/93, but is frankly one hell
of a show and well above average for even 1994-5 Phish.  An excellent
Loving Cup with a killer jam opens, and there's a powerful Split and
Forbin's and Moby Dick > Bowie in the first.  Hey, it's Fish's
birthday after all!  The second set is equally spectacular with great
versions of Jim, YEM, Funky Bitch and Llama!!

2/20/93  The Roxy, Atlanta, GA
	Most of you have seen me rave about this show, and some of you
think it is overrated (I think it is deservedly overrated, unlike
Amy's Farm).  First set contains a great Possum, Weigh, Divided and
Fluffhead.  Second set: Wilson, Reba (!!), Tweezer > Walk Away >
Tweezer > Glide > Mike's Song (with teases of all kinds of songs,
including Stash, Reba, Lizards, Mind, and many more, plus stabs at
Nirtous and Kung and Vibration of Life..) > Hydrogen > Weekapaug (with
a great Rock n Roll All Night jam, since someone was dressed as Gene
Simmons in the audience) > Fast (my favorite version of this beautiful
tune).  The Harry Hood is pretty damn sweet, too.  An extremely 
laid-back gig.  One of those shows where the band was clearly having a 
*BLAST* onstage.

3/14/93  Western State College Gym, Gunnison, CO
     The second set of this show circulates on high quality cDSBD and 
thank Icculus!  A very strong Halley's Bowie set opener, a really fun 
teasefest YEM, a sweet, well-played Lifeboy and hysterical Gig in the 
Sky all make this set a keeper, in my opinion.

3/22/93  Crest Theater, Sacramento, CA
	The first set has solid versions of Stash, Weigh, Reba and
Bowie.  The second set is my favorite GAMEHENDGE (I've heard them
all.. I think this is the tightest for sure), and is topped off by
a Sloth > McGrupp's and MikeSGroove.  What a show!!!  Get it!

5/5/93  The Palace, Albany, NY
	The second set of this show opens strong with a Jim, My Friend > 
Manteca.  Weigh ain't shabby, either.  But the highlight is the You 
Enjoy Myself, the jam segment of which explodes and rages forever 
(with ARU and the Dude of Life!).  By "forever," I mean about twenty 
something minutes or so, if I recall.  Definitely one of the greatest 
YEM jam segments of all time (certainly more fun than 10/31/95, but 
only arguably more groovy than Albany 12/9/95, if at all).  Seek it 
out, 'cause you haven't really heard YEM's jam segment kicked out 
severely, until you have heard this version.

5/6/93  The Palace, Albany, NY
	This second set contains a *BEAUTIFUL* Tweezer, a weird Mike's
Song with an 'Ob La Di Ob La Da' jam, and some violin action from Dick
Solberg.  Fun set..

5/8/93  UNH Field House, Durham, NH
	An amazing show!! First set has a great Stash > Kung > Stash,
Reba, and Satin Doll.  The second opens with a magnificent Bowie >
Have Mercy > Bowie, but also includes a Coil that segues into a PHAAAT
JAM!!!  The set ends with a Mike's Song with 'Crossroads' in it, and
some Amazing Grace theme-jamming amidst Weekapaug!!  Check it out!

*SPECIAL NOTE:  You may want to try to hear all of August 1993, since 
there are *GEMS* in every show, such as the 8/16 Mike's Groove and 
Reba, and the 8/17 Fast and Fluffhead, and the 8/21 Bowie with Bela 
Fleck that is **INCREDIBLE** etc. **

8/13/93  Murat Theater, Indianapolis, IN
	First set opens with a Lengthwise > Llama and a great Makisupa
> Foam.  The Stash, Fluffhead and Bowie in this set are also quite
enjoyable.  The second set, though, contains some magnificent
HOSE-jamming in the Bathtub Gin > Yamar (Weekapaug-esque jam), and a
beautiful Mike's Song > Lifeboy.  This show is must-have!!

8/14/93  World Music Theater, Tinley Park, IL
     Nice quality DSBD's circulate of the second set, which features a 
*severe* Antelope (easily one of the finest *ever*), Sparks, Walk 
Away, YEM and La Grange (E).  

8/15/93  McCauley Theater, Louisville, KY
	The Caravan, Stash, and Forbin's in the first are sweeeet,
especially the Stash (probably the first "experimental" version).  The
Tweezer in the second set, like Stash in the first, is JUST NUTS, and
ought to be heard at all costs.  Maze ain't shabby, either.  The Harry
Hood (E) is quite pleasing, too...

8/20/93  Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, CO
	Dan Purcell wrote an excellent review of this great show!
Divided and Harpua open the first set, but the Wedge and Antelope are
also quite moving in the first.  The second opens with a Also Sprach >
Slave and Split, all of which are quite good.  The YEM at this show is
also lauded by many.. the Mango and Freebird encores amuse, too.

8/28/93  Greek Theater, UCal., Berkeley, CA
	First set isn't THAT special, even though the Maze/Fluffhead
and Stash run is quite fun.  The second set, though, SMOKES, with a
great Antelope (with Brady Bunch teasing), and a strong YEM with
serious Oye Como Va jamming.  Great way to close an unbelievably
mighty month of Phish..

12/30/93  Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME
	First set contains a nice Bowie opener (with some Aerosmith
"Dream On" teasing, if I recall), and sweet versions of Weigh,
Gin and Freebird.  The Forbin's isn't that bad, either.  Second set
contains one of my personal favorite Mike's Songs (beautifully melodic
jam segment), and an absolutely astounding Weekapaug Groove.
McGrupp's and PYITE are quite clean, too, as is the awesome Slave to
close the set.

two cents

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