From: Charlie Dirksen

***REVISED Sep 1997***

4/11/91  Carleton College, Carleton, MN
	This show really isn't all that musically tight in places, for
damn sure, but it is a remarkably enjoyable show to listen to.  My
first set (and presumably many copies) has a Harpua on it which was
part of the soundcheck, and it's amusing.   Destiny Unbound, and then a
MikeSGroove, close the second set.  Fish enlightens everyone in
the audience with THE PRISON JOKE in the encore (which includes Fee
and Possum).

4/27/91  Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
	A very well-played show, if I recall (I honestly haven't listened 
to this in awhile).  The first set has some tight jams, even if the 
setlist is pretty dry.  The second set is just incredible, though:  
Curtain, Possum, TMWSIY, Mike'sGroove, Fluffhead, Tweezer > Coil > 
Wipeout > Tweezerep.  The GTBT (E) is a fantastic version of this 
tune, and one of my favorite versions of it, even though my copy cuts 
near the end.  A lot of favorable comments have been made about this 
show on the net over the years... if you get anything from 1991, you 
should probably get this (well, and 8/3/91 or 12/31/91).

5/12/91 The Front, Burlington, VT
	This show hasn't received a lot of coverage, but I love it for
its historical merit.  It is the final show at the glorious Front,
which is basically Phish's Fillmore West.  If the Landlady > Destiny
Unbound in the first set doesn't hook you, the Bowie & Gin to open
the second set, and the Antelope (E) with horns, should.

7/26/91 Georgia Theater, Athens, GA
	This is, in my opinion, the best show of the July '91 Giant
Country Horns tour.  The first set is tight, even if nothing sticks
out particularly.  The second set, though, opens with Stash and has a
fantastic You Enjoy Myself and Funky Bitch, not to mention the best
Tweezer of the month (with horns), and a PHAAAAAT Frankenstein (E).

8/3/91  Amy's Farm, Burlington, VT
	This is without question the most overrated Phish show, in my 
opinion.  Or at least WAS the most overrated show (it is almost never 
talked about in 1997).  Outside of the YEM vocal jam, and the 
awe-inspiring Harry Hood to close the show (second encore!!), I think 
most of the jams are pretty ordinary.  Nothing is "bad," and this is 
certainly _THE_ "Clifford Ball" of the '84-'91 period, but I would 
recommend this show more for its worth as a milestone in Phish's 
history than its technical-musical value.

11/16/91 The Bayou, Washington, D.C.
	The second set of this show is incredible.  Tube opens, followed
shortly by a fun Bathtub Gin (kinda warped and crazy, though, to be sure),
Brother, one of my favorite versions of YEM (the jam segment is just
AWESOME!! talk about teary-eyed jamming!!), and then some nice typical
late-'91 tunes to close out the set (but nothing special).  Mrs. Pizza 
Shit also makes a special guest appearance.

12/31/91  Memorial Auditorium, Worcester, MA
	Great three-set show!  Many people love the Tweezer, McGrupp's
and MikeSGroove combo that ends the third set (niiice!).  I really
enjoy the Brother opener to the second set, and the Reba and Antelope,
also in the second.

3/20/92  Broome County Arena, Binghampptt*@^%#$n, NY
	Reba, Brother and Glide open the first set, and MikesGroove,
Sanity and Sloth open the second.  Add a discussion about Phish's
signals, a kickass Possum and spell-binding Harry Hood to this show,
and you have a well-above average Phish show, even by 1994-5
standards, imo.  Most copies of this show are slightly sped-up, but 
properly dubbed low gen copies are beginning to circulate in 1997.  To 
this day, I still have not encountered a copy of this show with the 
Harry Hood in the right place (and not the end of side B of set two, 
out of order).  Even low gen copies have this flaw.

4/17/92  Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
	Don't be fooled by the Runaway Foam opener, because the Bowie
> Catapult > Bowie to close the first set will make you beg for mercy,
if the nice Reba and Stash earlier in the set don't.  The second set
opens with a great Brother, You Enjoy Myself, and Fluffhead, but
closes rather routinely with Tweezerep and Golgi.

4/18/92  Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
	A very well-played show, it is probably the most reknowned of the
April 1992 California shows.  It has the famous Linus & Lucy Harry
Hood (many people's favorite version), not to mention a killer Manteca
> Bathtub Gin > Manteca, and reasonable versions of Divided, Split,
Antelope, and TMWSIY, if I recall correctly.

4/21/92  Redwood Acres, Eureka, CA
	 Undoubtedly my favorite April 1992 show, the first
set contains Eliza and NICU and great versions of Split, Possum and
Bowie.  The second set opens with Dinner, proceeds into highly amusing
ForbinMockingbird Narration ('The Evil... KING WILSON'), has a SIIICK
Tweezer, good MikesGroove, and closes with Weigh, Catapult (Mike
only), Lively Up Yourself (with Fish on bass guitar if I recall),
Sanity (after a humorous vocal jam), and a strong Maze.  My tape cuts
with Maze.  If someone has a complete copy of the second set uncut,
and low gen (aud or sbd), consider this a grovel, for I've never seen 
a copy of this set with the Maze uncut and complete.

5/17/92  Union College, Schenectady, NY
	Page's birthday, the band was really *ON* during this show.  It
contains a fantastic Brother and Possum, and very strong versions of
Harry Hood, Stash, Forbin's and Reba (and a happy bday to Page in the Coil).

7/25/92  Stowe Performing Arts Center, Stowe, VT
	This opening set for Santana is must-have without question,
since the interplay between Trey and Carlos on YEM, Llama and Funky
Bitch is awe-inspiring.  Get this 90 min tape at all costs, imo.  If 
you didn't really dig it, that's odd, because this tape has turned 
hundreds on to Phish's music, and probably still continues to do so.

12/29/92  Palace Theater, New Haven, CT
	The second set of this show is *GREAT!*  The Curtain > Tweezer
opener rocks, My Sweet Big Balls amuses, and the Mike'sGroove has some
sweet "On Broadway" jamming from Trey.

12/30/92  Symphony Hall, Springfield, MA
	What a show!!  The Reba is hysterical (perhaps the only
strange Reba to date, fwiw), with an "I Walk the Line" jam in the
middle of it (sung by Mike).  Bowie > Timber Ho > Bowie closes the
first set, and DAMN, what a powerful closer!   The second set has a
great Gin/YEM/TMWSIY/Possum run, and there's a fun "Ride Captain Ride"
encore sung, naturally, by Page..

12/31/92  Matthews Arena, Northeastern, Boston, MA
	Another fantastic three set show, the highlight for me is
definitely the third set, which has a spectacular Mikes > Auld Lang
Syne > Weekapaug and Harpua > Kung Harpua to kick off 1993.

two cents

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