Date:    Wed, 2 Sep 1998 23:35:17 -0500
From:    Christian McKee 
Subject: "Jams I Like" Pt.5: 12.31.95 Runaway Jim

hello friends,
        So, the series continues.  This time, we look at a monster Jim
from before 1997 (I've not heard any of the recent Jims, so I have to
look at this on its own terms.)  I know that at the time it was played,
it was widely hailed as one of the greats.  Anyway, if you still haven't
heard this show, YOU MUST.  This is not, repeat NOT, underscore _not_
optional.  Sadly, I *cannot* offer this for b&p, as I'm leaving the
country, and already spinning for several folks.  The first set is good,
the next two are AMAZING.  Here's the list:

12-31-95 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

1: Punch You in the Eye, The Sloth, Reba, The Squirming Coil, Maze,
Colonel Forbin's Ascent-> Shine-> Famous Mockingbird, Sparkle, Chalk
Dust Torture

2: Drowned-> Lizards, Axilla [Part II], Runaway Jim, Strange Design,
Hello My Baby, Mike's Song

3: Gamehendge Time Factory#-> Auld Lang Syne-> Weekapaug Groove-> Sea
and Sand, You Enjoy Myself, Sanity, Frankenstein  E: Johnny B. Goode

This is one amazing show, although it is not readily apparent by the
setlist alone.  Let me say though, that nearly every version of every
song in sets two and three rank among the top all timers...  on with the

0:00 Nothing to special to note right away, except that Trey's voice is
really ragged this night, and it really shows in the "whoaaaaa, runaway
jim" lyrics.  at 1:25, when Mike has his "solo" segment, things start to
get interesting (and the crowd starts clapping).  Mike mixes up the line
a little, so it's not just the same thing repeated over and over.
Pretty and melodious.  Cool.  This entire section is played with real
fire.  Second verse just before 3:00.  Trey changes the lyrics, so it's
"singing for Dave...", crediting one of his old friends and co-writer on
this tune.  His name is Dave Daubs, and the last name makes an
appearance in the "whoooaaaa, runaway DAUBS" lyric that Trey sneaks in a
few moments later.

3:44 Jam begins, with Trey taking the lead, in standard style.  He's
just riffing here, nothing to write home about at the moment.  John has
some really dense sound coming from his cymbals  :)  He's really active
in here in general.  Standard, noodelly (sp?) jam still, at 5:15.

5:30 John's playing pushes Trey into the upper ocatves a bit for the
first time, and things start to heat up.  Shortly after though, Trey
begins to play much more softely, and Page gets to take some nice chords
in a leading fashion.  Trey trills a bunch at about 6:40 or so.

6:50 By this point, we're in uncharterd waters.  John is playing almost
only on beats one and two, giving the jam a strange feel.  Trey is
playing some very percussive, harsh rhythm in here, to accent John and
Page's playing.  Mike has some basic droning.

8:30 John has BIG rolls on the low toms, while Trey is playing fast and
funky rhythmic chords.  Page begins with the wall of sound, and John is
getting some really *really* cool syncopations.  Sorry about the lack of
info on Mike, but he's really hard to hear, even on my tape.  (thanks

9:15 Trey is over on the precussion rack, and this leaves the door open
for the rest of them.  John's playing in here is not to be missed, and
Page as well has some really good chording.  It's very driving at this
point, and Mike's playing is more ryhthmic than melodious.

11:00 Page on the moog!!!  YEAH!  There's a POUNDING beat from Trey and
fish as they lock into a transfixing regular sound.  Mike is silent.
The beat here is as regular as techno: thud, thud, thud.  With Page over
top though, its not _nearly_ so boring as it might be :)  In fact, this
is some of my favorite stuff from the entire song.  The downside?  It
only lasts for about three minutes ;)

12:30 Notes sound from the 'doc once again, and Page is playing a
repetitive line that is leading Trey back to the opening chord.  I feel
a triumphant return on the way!  Mike is big with the wall of sound.

13:20 They return to a traditional Jim jam, with Trey noodling, and the
boys on back up.  This is cool stuff.  From 14 minutes on, the BIG build
up to the climax begins, and at 14:46, the closing Jim chords are heard
for the first time.

15:03 "WHOOOOOOAAAAAAA, RUNAWAY JIM!"  The final chord is held until

Total Time: 15:35
Rating from someone who has not heard Jims from 96 on: Really Damn Good.

The highlight of this for me, is the time that Trey spends on the
percussion kit.  It gives Page and fish a chance to really come to the
fore and strut.  John's syncopations are really interesting, (as
sometimes happens when I hear Trey lead something like that) I never
lost interest listening to Page.  Anyway, thanks for reading.  Comments,
questions and *especally* discussion are always welcome.  Peace.

Taboot, Taboot,


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