12/31/93 Worcester Centrum, Worcester, MA

It is true.  Trey definitely hosed everyone off in
this version!  The wailing is PROFOUND for Harry.
This version really lacks the same dramatic build
that most Harry's have, but it makes up for it with an
outrageously awesome JAM.  The very VERY beginning of
my copy is cut, but assuming I lost about ten seconds
(which sounds about right), the jam segment begins at
about 5:30, and the whole thing ends around 13:10.
Immediately after the jam segment begins, instead of
getting really soft and quiet, Trey just breaks into
Auld Lang Syne and it is really all uphill from this
already high uphill point!  He fiercely jams in this
version, definitely moreso than usual for 1994-5
versions (in which he takes a more stealthy, agent
provocateur approach to the jam).

charlie dirksen