12/28/93 Bender Arena, AU, Washington, DC

Very reggae-ish moreso than usual in the drawn out
opening segment, with a Simpsons signal, and with
some somewhat shaky notes from Trey (not as tight as
he usually is in the opening). Jam segment doesn't
come in until just after 6 minutes.  Trey immediately
starts noodling beautifully, with some fantastic
accompaniment from Page.  The climb is very quick and
serious... Trey wails majestically, much as he does
in the 12/31/93 version, throughout this jam
segment.  The problem is, though, that it peaks too
soon, imo.  Final feel good about Hood verse comes in
at 11:18, and the version ends at 11:40.  A good
Hood, but nothing profound, in my opinion, especially
in light of other versions herein reviewed. This Hood
seemed RUSHED to me.  Also, for them to play Highway
immediately after this was like getting slapped in
the face... I was there, and let me tell you, IT
HURT! ;) but I got over it..

charlie dirksen