Subject: *You Can Feel Good About 11/12/94 Hood*
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 16:02:19 -0500
From: zachary.[...] (Zach [...])
Aloha. Another thanks to Matt Kubach for providing me with great sounding tapes of this excellent show. I know I said originally that I was going to review all my Harrys in order but.... I lied. I'm going to be skipping around from now on, so :-P 11/12/94 - Mac Center, Kent State - Akron, OH 0:00 - Opening segment. Heavy bass drum from Fish. 0:15 - Nice lifting lines from Trey. 0:30 - Sustaaaaaain. 0:55 - All Mike for a little. Nice. 1:05 - Staccato notes from Trey with Page mimicking, Mike and Fish quiet. 1:30 - Great interplay between Trey and Fish. Fish is almost imitating Trey's lines on the drums... this is just the beginning of a great Harry performance from Henrietta. 1:45 - Harry verse. 2:18 - Composed section. Mike is playing looser here than usual. 4:33 - Heavy metal Mr. Minor. Thank you Mr. Hoooood.... 5:22 - Jam segment. Nice mellow opening with an active Mike and soft descending licks from Trey. 6:00 - Very slight tension building bass line with Trey noodling on top of it. 6:35 - Textural jam beginning here, Trey and Page must be playing with their effects. Occasional cymbal hits from Fish. 7:15 - Still texture from Page, but Trey breaks out of it with some nice melodies. 7:40 - Almost complete silence, but Mike maintains a _very_ soft bass line, Fish plays hits the bass drum _very_ lightly, and Trey does some _very_ soft work high on the 'doc. This quiet mode last about a minute until 8:40 when Fishman resumes playing the hi-hat. Maybe the boys thought that the crowd was particularly quiet this night or something (although you wouldn't say that from my audience recording), because they bring songs down very quiet numerous times in this show (Foam, Stash...). 9:00 - Mike starts building volume and momentum. 9:20 - Heavier tone from Trey and a little later, Fishman starts bringing the tempo up. 9:50 - The entire jam starts to build speed. No one's out in front here. This is a real difference from the pre-92 Hoods I've reviewed so far. Trey was always out in front in those. Some collective noodling for _awhile_. 10:40 - Fish!! This is some of the best work I've heard Tubbs do in a Harry! Some great fills, some nice beat changes and accents... listen to Fishman in this version. 11:00 - Finally, Trey sounds like he's about to bust out... and he does!! Fish is still going crazy, but faster now. 11:30 - Now Page joins the up-tempo with some key pounding. Not quite the Medeski-esque stuff he's been doing recently, but some serious energy here. Release from Trey! Give it to me! 12:00 - Great group work here! Intense. Trey is soaring, Mike is playing a melodic bass line, Fish is still going NUTS. 12:30 - Trey hits a NOTE of release. (I would call it THE NOTE, but I'm not sure if that's specific to YEM...) 12:45 - More great work from Moses Heaps! This is the best I've heard him in the jam! I've had to mention him so many times in this review that I'm calling him something different every time ;-) 13:20 - Trey sounds like he's bringing it into the ending with a little You Can Feel Good theme, but he might not be... I only say that because it sounds akin to 10/23/94 when they play the false ending... they do extend it while, but not too long... 13:55 - You can feel good... I feel good! Total Time = 14:17 Grade: A-. A must hear Harry Hood. Just wonderful GROUP work here. I'm surprised they didn't put this one on ALO. The ALO version has a longer, spacier intro., which is nice, and it has the false ending, but it doesn't have the powerful jam in the last four minutes that this one does. Still they're close, and this one definitely deserves an A-, so I might have to retroactively give 10/23/94 a B+. Ah, who gives a shit, these grades are all meaningless anyway! :-) If you're wondering why this doesn't get the full A, after listening to 12/5/95 yesterday, there is _something_ missing from this version. Maybe I'll figure it out when I review 12/5. Until then.... Zach