Subject: *You Can Feel GOOD About 11/4/90 Hood*
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 21:52:43 -0500 (EST)
From: zachary.[...] (Zachary [...])
11/4/90 - Fort Ram Nightclub - Fort Collins, CO This is a great show, one of my favorites and a must have. Great sounding low gen. soundboards are out there everywhere, so there's no excuse not to have one :-) Mine copy's 4th gen. so there's some minor hiss, but it still sounds great! It's amazing how much better a high gen. can sound than a low gen sometimes. Decks and head cleaning DO matter people!! This Harry is sandwiched between Tube and Funky Bitch... what more could you ask for? 0:00 - Mike is prominent in the mix from the beginning. I like that. 0:20 - Trey has this intro moving along quickly. This is definitely not a sparse one. A little feedback from Trey, but Mike keeps it moving. 0:34 - Page is also keeping the opening uptempo, playing quick lines on the synth. Mike is active on the bass and way out front through my headphones. 0:55 - First hint of strangeness from Trey, but Mike and Fish will have none of that, they keep this intro short and sweet... 1:20 - Harry verse. Where do you gooo? 1:46 - Composed section. 2:33 - Mike seems to adding embellishments here, but it may just be because I can hear him so well. Overall, a flawless composed section. 4:08 - Heavy metal Mr. Minor. Page contributes to the darkness by pounding on the keys. Thank you Mr. Hoooood.... 4:58 - Jam section begins. Mellow at first. 5:20 - Trey jumps right in playing the Milk From the Carton theme. He quickly varies it. 5:48 - Mike is playing MFTC-ish, and is right with Trey in these variations.5:58 - A repetitive lick from Trey here. He's not fooling around, he's taking this one over. 6:20 - First soaring note from Trey. Page starts to pick up the pace a bit. 6:35 - Uuuuup the fretboard and RELEASE! Now _Trey's_ heating things up... 6:50 - Trey and Page are compementing each other beautifully here! They're playing SOOOO melodically! 7:10 - This is the best I have heard them work together yet. Trey sounds like he might be bringing towards the finale, but we know better... we think. 7:50 - Yes we do! New gear from Trey! Damn, this is SOOO hot. 8:06 - Page joins him in the new gear! 8:10 - Trey's playing really fast. Smokin'! 8:30 - Trey brings the tone down a bit, but Page is still pounding away. 8:40 - Monster runs on the 'doc from Trey. Actually, everyone's going nuts! 9:00 - You can't tell who's in front here Page or Trey, and then you hear Mike playing his own line too! Wow! 9:10 - Trey brings it down to the ending... 9:26 - You can feel good.... I FEEL GOOD! Total time = 9:47 Grade: B+/A-. The opening segment is short, but the jam segment is the bes one I've heard yet. From about 6:00, it's full energy from everyone. If you considered this one hose, then it's a firehose, because damn, is the music coming fast and powerful! I won't venture to give it the whole A- because the opening is so standard and the jam section isn't so long, but gawd, that's being nitpicky! If you have this tape (and I'm sure many of you do), put on some headphones and listen to this Hood! You'll be glad you did :-) Zach

From: Charlie Dirksen 

11/4/90 Fort Ram, Fort Collins, CO

Another crispy pure digital board.. get this show at
all costs, folks, if only for the Tube, Harry, Funky
Bitch (all in a row) in the FIRST set!  Typically
laid-back opening, with the funky-bass from Mike, and
cute little short notes from Trey (and cymbal twings
and twangs from Fish... typical Page keys..).  The
Harry opening verse comes quickly, it seems.  The jam
segment starts around 5:40 or so.. I was enchanted by
the thank you mr minors, though, and spaced, so it
probably starts somewhere AROUND 5:40.  This jam is
extraordinarily akin to the 4/22 version and numerous
others, in that Trey comes right out softly noodlin
away, and starts skying and soaring rather quickly (a
lot of the more recent Hoods have him really working
it up quietly and cautiously before he starts jamming
away).  It is, like 4/22, a very mesmerizing and
sweet version, with great stuff from Mike Page and
Henrietta in support.  There's practically a Dave's
Energy Guide-like jam from Trey around 8:20 (but not
really... ;).  This is probably what I'd call the
average Hood, and I'm saying this in all sincerity.
It is a great fucking sweet kickass version, but
dammit, most Hoods ARE LIKE THIS ONE, although maybe
about 30-40 seconds longer, at least.. ;).  Really.
Trey's jamming at the end is sick, but not as sick
as, say, 12/31/93.  Still great stuff.  Damn I love
this song!  Not that long a version, though, for damn
sure.  Climaxes too often too quickly. Ends at 10:33.