10/7/95 Spokane Opera House, Spokane, WA

God I loved this show (even though it wasn't all that long..).  Kinda
upbeat opening to this Hood... not quite as laid-back as usual, though
still reggae-ish, of course.  Some very eerie noodlin' and sustain
from Trey ... typically funky stuff from Page and Mike (Page comes in
with off-key chords, as usual).  Harry verse comes in MIGHTY QUICK,
after only about 1:22 or so.  A lot of the versions reviewed earlier
had this first verse beginning at least 30 seconds later, if not
several minutes later. Not an especially interesting opening, to be
certain.  The pre-ThankYou MrMinor segment, though, is very crisp and
pleasing, and quite dark, evil, and spooky immediately before the
ThankYous begin (consistent with versions of the last couple of years,
in general, but especially 1995).

Jam segment starts very early at about 5:05, with Trey very quietly
and melodiously noodlin.  This is honestly one of my favorite Hood
opening jam segments.  He just gets more quiet and more quiet until he
is completely unplugged at 6:30 or so.. at the show I could hear this
SOOOO clearly. Unfortunately, you have to turn the volume on the tapes
waaay up to hear Trey smoke.. because he really does jam fiercely
while unplugged.  He turns the volume up again after about 30 seconds,
and starts building in perhaps one of the most incredible builds I've
ever heard him lead (in Slave or elsewhere).  Even though this whole
thing was improv'ed, it might as well have been composed.  It is
absolutely astounding, in my opinion. This is just some of the most
spine-tingling noodling I've ever heard him do.  He does this
beautiful little off-key lick at just after 8 mins that fits perfectly
in with the rest of the ever so gently climbing groove.  Some asshole
yells freebird at 8:56 or so. Kill him.  Otherwise, this is the most
precious jam segment I've reviewed in this Concise History, and I mean
this with all due respect. Sure, it is the longest jam segment of
those I've reviewed, but I find this Climb, led by Trey, but with
absolutely flawless and perfect accompaniment from Mike Page and
Fish.  I encourage everyone who has a favorite Hood to listen to this
with headphones on.

Clearly, the opening segment wasn't that hot in light of other
versions, but I think this jam segment blows 4/18/92 and even 12/31/93
out of the water.  7/1/95 is spectacular, but since 10/7/95 doesn't
have a final verse, I find it MORE pleasing because it simply
continues to climb and climb and climb and build and build and build,
becoming ever-increasingly more harmonious and gorgeous all the while,
ending in a triumphant, all-hallowed, intense and glorious jam.  This
is likely my favorite Hood.  There is, indeed, no final Feel Good
about Hood verse (but I was singing it to myself at the show, nearly
in tears), but guess what:  to have uttered words or sung at this
point in this jam would be akin to the whistling jam ending of Reba,
which, frankly, at times I was EXTREMELY PLEASED they didn't do.

This ending is the loudest I have ever heard Hood get.  It ends kindof
like a Theme or a Day in the Life -- very ominous and loud and
crashing and sustained.  It is a version that leaves your mouth agape,
god damn it, unlike any other version you've probably ever heard.
Ends at 16:03, when Trey's sustain finally quits.  Get this version at
all costs, because it should blow you away.

Thanks Trey, Mike, Page and Jon!!!!!!!!!!

two cents charlie (dirksen)