Subject: *You Can Feel Good About 8/29/87 Hood*
Date: 6 Feb 1997 22:27:12 GMT
From: zachary.[...] (Zachary [...]) I've been doing these reviews at a pretty fast clip so far, but I'll probably slow down soon. I am anxious to get to more recent Hoods however... 8/29/87 - The Mead Ranch - Shelburne, VT My copy of this show is a 6th gen. and despite the expected hiss, it sounds pretty damn good. This is one of the few older shows I have that I actually know the generation of. Maybe keeping track of generations was less important when these early tapes were distributed. This show was played for a friend of Trey's as a thank you for taking care of Marley for the summer. In light of that, I'd like to make a standing offer to the band to take care of any of their pets for any period of time if in exchange they'll play a show in my backyard ;-) I'm not sure I would call this show a must have, but it certainly is a lot of fun. Highlights include Lushington, Mustang Sally, a Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Jam, Timber (Jerry), and another Harpua>Bundle of Joy>Harpua without narration. I really enjoy listening to these old tapes every once in awhile for the different songs and the more straight-ahead rock n' roll jamming. I feel lucky that Phish has been so extensively taped. Alright, lemme tell you about the Harry... 0:00 - Pretty standard opening. Not too much going on. Trey plays a note at 0:50 and suuuustains it. Mike is prominent as usual, but not as funky as 8/21/87. Page is inserting notes here and there and it sounds good. Serious syncopation. 1:50 - Some more Trey feedback/sustain. This time he holds onto it until 2:40! Mike "walks" over it and Page grooves on the organ until... 2:58 - Harry chorus. 3:27 - Composed section. Sounds tight so far. 3:53 - Page plays a nice fill, climbing the scales. All in all a standard, tight composed section. Some good boards work at the end... 5:55 - Heavy metal Mr. Minor. Thank you Mr. Hoooooooood.... 6:45 - Jam segment begins. Trey doesn't waste any time, he jumps right in. 7:05 - Mike starts playing, complementing Trey well! Mike is high on the bass here, then he drops back down. 7:50 - This one doesn't fool around, it gets right up to speed. This is Fishman's work. 8:20 - Gotta like what Trey's doing here, he's taking charge, but he hasn't changed gears or anything. 9:20 - Page and Trey working together well now, kind of imitating each other. Trey's playing the "You can feel good, good, good about Hood" ending riff. From now on called the YCFG riff. 9:50 - Trey goes all the way down the 'doc, and then goes back up, inserting more notes. Cool. 10:30 - Fishman is trying to bring this one to its climax, lots of cymbals. Trey is cooperating, beginning to soar. This is Trey's best soloing in a Harry yet. 11:30 - A familiar theme from Trey, I don't what this is, but he seems to play it pretty often in the Harry jam section. I'll have to think of a name for it... 12:20 - Trey's leading into the final verse. There's a lot of energy here, but I've heard more in other versions. 12:40 - They bring it down a bit for their run into the finale... no wait, they're extending it a bit. Nice! They've drawn this last part out a bit... 13:30 - You can feel good.... I feel good! Total time = 13:52 Grade: C-. These Harry's just keep getting incrementally better. The opening and the composed sections are nothing to speak of, but the jam section was decent, definitely better than the last two Harry's reviewed. This is one is just short of your "typically transcendent" grade C Harry. peas, Zach