Subject: *You Can Feel Good About 7/15/92 Hood*
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 15:29:09 -0500 (EST)
From: Zach [...]
7/15/92 - Trax - Charlottesville, NC I obtained this show, along with three other extremely HQ shows, through BJ's Adopt-a-Phreak program way back when I had only four tapes. That started me off RIGHT, because I had four, somewhat rare, really HQ tapes to start building a collection from. I hope my Phreaks have had as much luck as I have... Anyway, a great all-around show and this Harry is a highlight. 0:00 - Heavy bass to open, sort of a false beginning, no groove laid down until 0:20. 0:40 - Sustain from Trey. All Mike & Fish for awhile and then Page take a turn. This trading "solos" is typical of the early Hoods (I say early, but I'm not sure how long it remains typical. It's definitely not in 95 though). 1:05 - Walking on the Moon notes from Trey, then some from Page on the organ. 1:55 - Harry verse. 2:25 - Composed section. Sounds a bit off-key to start with. A couple of minor flubs in this one, not that tight overall. 4:50 - Heavy metal Mr. Minor. Thank you Mr. Hoooood.... 5:40 - Jam segment. Page starts in first. Trey joins at 6:05. Trey jumps right in with melodies while Page sticks with some textural stuff. Nice opening right out of the gate. 7:15 - Trey's just out exploring where his guitar can take him. Page is backing him up laying a sonic foundation, encouraging him to explore further. Trey says, "Don't mind if I do!" 7:40 - Increased volume followed by a cymbal crash. Repeated notes from Page build some tension, Trey's cliiiiimbing... 9:05 - First release! Not major, but a satisfying result of a great build. 9:30 - Runs up the 'doc towards RELEASE! at 9:45. Yes! Trey's soaring! 10:05 - Another release! And another! Hit me again! 10:25 - You Can Feel Good theme from Trey and Page. Lot of energy! 10:45 - Slight tension building up to another YCFG tehme. 11:05 - Ending theme... 11:22 - You Can Feel Good... I feel GOOD! Total Time = 11:45 Grade: B. The jam section of this Hood is classic. No spaciness, no texture, and not much tension building. Just great, melodic building followed by intense climaxes. This and 11/4/90 are great examples of the sheer power of early Hoods. It's not risky or "out-there" but it's moving. Zach