7/1/95 Great Woods, Mansfield, MA

Had a great time at this show (HI CHRISTIAN!).. mail
order gave me 4th row inside AISLE (I love the
aisle!) straight back from Fish.. niiiice.  Great
sound.  Anyway, Trey uses the Leslie watery-effect in
the opening segment of this Hood (unlike in previous
years.. Leslie is a relatively new device for him).
This whole opening bit seems more laid back and
harmonious than the 12/31/93 version above;  12/31/93
was more raw and fiery -- greater intensity.  This
version is more orchestral and grand.  This jam
segment also starts at about 5:32 or so.  Page is
UNBELIEVABLY PROMINENT in this opening.  I completely
forgot about this.  Holy shit.  Page just jams
gorgeously right alongside Trey for this (Mike just
plucks in the background, and Fish glides on the ride
with the light hi-hat tappin'... as usual for Hood).
This is incredible, folks.  The interplay between
Page and Trey in this opening.  Wow.  Trey doesn't
break out until about 7:24 or so (Page then does the
usual light chordwork.. what he ordinarily would
begin doing at the start of the jam segment, and
continue for the whole thing).  Trey's jamming in
here is very wavy and genteel.  He doesn't jam at all
as fiercely as on 12/31/93.. i.e., the 12/31 Hood was
a PUNISHING, GRUELING, FIERCE Hood, whereas this 7/1
version is closer to a Classical Music Composition.
It has a texture and progression that, though akin to
many Hoods from the last two years, is in stark
contrast to the 12/31 version, because 12/31 was
effectively more of a rocknroll style of jam.  This
jam segment is, again, like a beautiful Movement in a
Requiem.  The final jamming prior to the final Hood
verse is mesmerizing, as it usually is at this
point.  This is SOUL MUSIC (the 12/31 was not as
soulfull, but definitely more Rockin').  The final
"Feel Good about Hood" verse comes in at 14:02, and
this extraordinary Hood ends at 14:26.  Did I like
this better than 12/31/93?  It was different.  Did I
hate to hear Suzy, no matter how great a version,
after this Hood on 7/1/95?  DAMN STRAIGHT.

charlie dirksen