From: Charlie Dirksen 

5/28/89 Ian's Farm, Hebron, NY

You guys can talk about this show being in December
all you want given the several yuletide references,
but I just don't buy it. Too many copies have this
date and have had it for many years, and, well, it
would be impressive if such a mislabeling has lasted
so long. I don't know.  Also, New York in late
December would be damn cold, for christ's sake, and
this show really has an outdoor feel to it (as does
8/27/87).  I think it had to have been outdoors given
that Trey says he hears Marley squawking in the truck
(I can't imagine him being able to hear this while
playing a show indoors!). I do know, however, that
the third set that Nick NOT PAUL sent me is, indeed,
clearly part of the show (I take back anything I ever
might have said implying otherwise).  Trey, before
the Hood, says "We'd like to thank you for coming
this evening to the party. We'd like to say that the
stars in the sky are very bright [Sanity reference].
Merry Christmas. Happy New year. And we hope that
your mother enjoys your t-shirt."  Mike, I think,
goes "Who the heck is she?"  Then Trey says "Can you
go let Marley out of the truck.. Marley come here!"
(then you can hear Trey leave the stage and go
towards Marley.. and within literally about 10
seconds or less you can hear him baby-talking to
Marley about Marley being stuck in the truck "Aw poor
Marley..").  The opening of this version is fairly
straightforward, compared with versions from many
years (although the Thank You Mr. Minor lines are
noticeably less perky and more evil than in '87..).
Jam segment starts at 5:24, with Mike/Trey lightly
singing Mr Minor in the opening of the jam segment.
Page is lightly chording away, and Mike noodles a
bit, before Trey comes in at just after 6 minutes.
Trey practically plays the Linus and Lucy theme
(along with Page), but they hold back.  Mike is
playing lead bass (it is good to hear him so clearly
on this tape.. thanks Nick!).  This is a good mix,
too, in general.  I can only assume Paul was on the
SBD for this.  Trey's jamming is very perky and
staccato'ed moreso than usual.  Very crisp, clean
little prickly notes...  a charming little version.
The "build" isn't really there (I mean, it is 'there'
as much as the '87 version's is).  They build, but
not in nearly as dramatic a fashion as they do
nowadays.  It is nonetheless a delightful version
(although Trey hits an awry note at one point..
DOH!).  Trey really does come close to playing the
Linus and Lucy theme in a huge way.. I wonder whether
he is deliberately dancing around it.. I don't think
so).  It is a strong noodlin' affair, this Hood jam,
but no more awe-inspiring than the typical Hood.  I
still like this show-closin' version.  I wish they
closed a show with Hood more often, but, then again,
it makes it that much more special when they DO do
it, of course.  Ends at 12:40.  "Thank you very much.
And we'll see you next Christmas... Ok. So anyway.
The cops are here... [Trey talks to some guy
offstage, then says into the mic] Don't worry about
it [laughs]."   Soon a lot of people start howling at
Marley, setting her off.. AGAIN. ;)  It is really fun
to hear these old tapes..