Subject: *You Can Feel Good Opening 5/10/91 Hood*
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997 13:54:07 -0500 (EST)
From: Zach [...] Well, I had hoped to get through all of the Harrys I possess (36 and growing) before I graduate in May, but unfortunately my computer crashed this weekend and my suspicions are that something major is wrong. (I'm really dreading the estimate.) So, currently, I'm writing these reviews at home and posting them here at the lab. This will probably slow things down a bit, at least until my PC is fixed (if I choose to pay for it that is). I'll insert the obligatory grovel for a new computer here, and I'll gladly send postage ;-) 5/10/91 - Colby College - Waterville, ME Harry opens the 2nd set on my tape, but I remember some discussion on the .net a couple of years ago as to whether the _real_ opener is cut and this is actually the second song. Does anyone know for sure? This Harry was my favorite for awhile when I was a newbie and my tape collection was small. It still has a place in my heart, but I'm interested to see how it looks under my reviewing "microscope." 0:00 - Opening. Pretty standard slow intro, nice Mike as usual. 0:29 - A little feedback wash from Trey, followed by just Mike and Fish for a bit. 0:40 - Trey sounds Police-esque here. It took me a little while to figure it out, but his sustained guitar notes are reminiscent of their "Walking on the Moon." 0:58 - Familiar organ work from Page. He could be playing over the PA at a hockey game :-) 1:23 - Darkness from Trey. Complementing cymbals from Fishman. 1:40 - Back to the reggae groove... 1:50 - Harry chorus. 2:22 - Composed section. Trey isn't right on here, a couple of minor flubs. 4:48 - Heavy metal Mr. Minor. Nice guitar tone from Trey. Not distorted enough to be called heavy metal, but good nonetheless. 5:45 - Jam segment. 6:05 - Trey jumps in with some pure directionless noodling. Just feeling things out. 6:55 - Trey teases the You Can Feel Good Theme, and just shortly after, the Milk From The Carton Theme. Nothing serious though. 7:20 - Hint from Trey at the tension to come. 7:30 - Trey and Page starting to build slightly. 8:00 - A nice mellow jam going at this point. They're in no hurry. Mike is clearly playing a supporting role, not too much wandering from him. 8:10 - Trey hints at the ending theme. 8:15 - Trey adds some heaviness to his tone and starts brooding. That's the best word to describe it. Think of it as the opposite of soaring. 8:45 - Repeated note on the 'doc followed by an abrupt break out! NOW he's soaring! 9:00 - Fishman picks up the pace to join Trey. Page is pounding away at the high end of the boards. 9:10 - Trey starts to build tension; seems unusual for an early version. Fish contributes to the tension with some cymbal work. 9:25 - Tension released! Gorgeous! 9:45 - Repetitive licks from Trey. More tension building. Trey's really into that in this version... Now he brings the jam down a bit, but at 10:05... All out release! Yeeesss! 10:10 - Best example of machine gun Trey I've heard. It actually feels like he's firing notes at me! 10:25 - Ending theme.... 10:43 - You can feel good.... I feel good! Total time = 11:05 Grade: C+. Nice tension and release work from Trey gives this otherwise average Harry a +. I like the tension and release style here, but I wish that the release was looonger (the first was only 20 seconds, and the second not more than 25). The ALO Harry, which also features T&R, has much better tension building but similarly short releases (although they are better than this version's). All in all, I can see the attraction that this Harry held for me, but it's not as great as I once thought. Oh well, innocence lost... ;-) Zach