From: Charlie Dirksen 

3/20/92 Broome Cty Arena, BinghamP;^)#$%@@PPton, NY

Does anyone have a SBD copy of this show which has
Harry in its proper place in the setlist and on SBD?
My copy of this has the Harry as AUD filler at the
end of Side B of set two (it is supposed to be in
between Penn and Terrapin!).  I'd be up to get a
better copy of this set... This Hood has a very
peculiar opening segment.  It is very spacey and
eerie in parts, with some off-key spooky sustain from
Page and Trey and Mike.. a genuinely queer opening
segment. Leaps and bounds more awry than all of the
other opening segments reviewed herein. The first
verse doesn't come until just after 3 minutes.  The
jam segment doesn't start until 6:43 or so.  The
interplay between Page and Trey is quite niiiice,
with Trey noodling intensely (he hits quite a lot of
notes in this version!!).  Very serious Hood.. I wish
my copy of this version was more tolerable, though.
It is remarkably shitty.  The final Feel Good About
Hood lines come in about 11:40 or so... ends at
12:08.  This is really well-jammed, but not nearly as
dramatic, in my opinion, as a lot of the 1994-5
versions, in which the jam segment is drawn way out
(as opposed to the opening segment).