From: Yance Davis
Harpua Files: 8/20/93

First off, this whole show is simply incredible and must be heard. I'll tape it for newbies or via trade to the first five who want it. Harpua comes astonishingly early into the show, right after a smoking Divided Sky. The pre-narration music and verses are tight and perfect, with Page sticking out much more than usually, jamming in places that are usually pretty standard. Trey begins the story at approximately 1:55 into the song... "Ok, uh, first thing I want to say here just to get things started, this is definitely the most incredible place I've ever played music" (tremendous applause) "This is unbelievable. I don't know how it looks from up there, but.. it looks pretty amazing from up here. So, what I thought I'd do here is, uh, I figure that some of you probably think you know where Red Rocks and when it started and everything and the whole events about how this whole place came to be, but uh, I'm sure you're wrong about it and I'm gonna tell you the Real story right now, so..." (pause for another huge applause) "Just so you know everything before you get started. Ok, uh, one of the surprising things is that when you go backstage here in the dressing rooms, um, there are like sorta these little caves.. I don't know if you knew about that, but you go basically underneath the stage and that's where the dressing rooms are, and they're built right into the rock so you have the, sorta these walls, the cave walls down there and your little table and all that, so you're basically sitting right inside the rock and just before we came onstage, I'm sittin' down there, reading a magazine and I look on the wall and I started to notice these strange etchings in the wall, so I kinda looked closer and luckily I have a great knowledge of ancient languages; I know all the ancient languages, so I'm looking at these etching and I realized that I could read it and it was the story about how this whole, this whole Red Rocks came to be, and basically this is what it said.. "It started a long time ago, thousands of years ago, there were people that lived down in those caves and they chose this spot because it protected them from the weather and from other, you know, other tribes and stuff like that would come around. So they lived down in these caves and everything, and there were lots of 'em. Now at one point in time in their history, they had these..this one real troublemaker that lived with them and he was this old man and he used to walk around with this kind of mangy dog-like animal that he, uh, named...HARPUA... (loud applause) "So, the whole town of.. the town of cavedwellers down there, they weren't too big on this guy. They were always causing trouble and the thing about Harpua was he was always getting in fights and beating up all the other little animals and whatnot. So one day, the townspeople voted, and they decided to send Harpua and his evil master all the way up into the mountains there. So off they went up into the mountains and for years and years and years, the townspeople never heard from them again. "Now, unbeknownst to the townspeople, while the dog and his master were living up there, they sort of encountered these gods up on the mountain, and the gods gave Harpua the special power. And the special power was that Harpua could change himself from a dog into any other kind of living creature at any time that he wanted. Now, being that he was a dog that liked to cause trouble, and starts..and start fights, he started to get this idea that he would get back at the townspeople for banishing them. "So one day, Harpua decides to come down off the mountain, and this is what it says up on the thing here, he came down from the mountain and as he got down to the mountain, he was trying out different forms and he changed himself from a dog into a giraffe for a minute, and he thought this isn't gonna scare 'em at all, so, he tried something different, and he changed himself into, uh, one of those jackalopes that you have up here, and then he changed himself from one of those, that was no good, so he changed himself into a, uh... gazelle, you know, and he kept thinking none of these things are really gonna scare the townspeople. Finally, he got it in his mind that he was gonna change himself into... ...A Giant Iguana! (menacing background music while Trey laughs maniacally) "So that was it, he changed himself into this giant iguana. Now meanwhile, here he is coming down the mountain as this giant iguana and meanwhile, in one of the little caves down there lived this little boy, a little cave-dwelling boy and he had a little pet too that he loved, and his pet was a tiny little furry kitty cat, and he loved the cat very much. He would carry it around by the scruff of its neck every day, and yes the kitty cat's name, it was an ancient kind of form of kitty cat, Posterus Nutbagus, and um, they called him Poster Nutbag for short, Poster Nutbag. (screeching cat sound in background provided by Fishman) "So here's Jimmy with Poster Nutbag, and uh, Jimmy and Poster Nutbag are walking around the caves and one day, Poster Nutbag decides to go out of the caves, up into the little area here, this ampitheatre that wasn't yet an ampitheatre and so he's walking up there and he comes up onto the thing and something kinda seems strange. He notices this huge shadow lurking and this incredible scary feeling came over him on this particular day, so here's little Poster Nutbag walking along, right about over there and he's going along right next to this big..big ahh, rock over here and suddenly he looks up and he sees this giant iguana looking down at him, at which point tempers start to flare and they realize there's gonna be a horrible fight here between the iguana, and so the iguana starts stepping forward slowly.. (more menacing music) "Step by step.. Coming closer and closer to Poster Nutbag, closer and closer. Poster Nutbag, terrified, looking up at this Huuuge giant iguana. And at the last minute the iguana is looking down at Poster Nutbag, opens up his mouth and he's gonna eat Poster Nutbag... looks down at him. Poster Nutbag, in that last desperate attempt that cats do, looks directly into the eyes of the iguana, staring straight into his pupils, with such a terrifying gaze, that the iguana turns to Stone. (dead silence for a second) "and that iguana, is sitting right over there now, you have to look at that little ridge. The last bump over there, thousands of years later... I don't know if you can see it from the front, but from up there... All the way at the end, that last thing. The iguana is still sitting there, thousands of years later, and what happened was, as time went on, the iguana stayed there as a reminder to the people of the cavedwellers to out for giant iguanas, or whatever. And Poster Nutbag of course went on to die and eventually all of the people from the cavedwellers went on to die, and their faces are sort of etched up in the mountains and I just want you to know that as the night goes on, watch out for the giant iguana, cuz I've actually talked to people who've seen concerts here before who said that the giant iguana on certain nights really starts to come out and uhh.. get you, if you... don't keept an eye on him, so every once in a while, look over at the giant iguana. Anyway, all the cavepeople die, except.. Poster Nutbag died and the only people left were Jimmy and his Dad, and I remember that fateful day when Poster Nutbag died, and it's very sad... (and from there, the song continues with the death of Poster Nutbag narration and Jimmy now wanting a dog..) This is by far one of the greatest Harpuas, all around. The iguana was a large rock in the distance that really does look lizardlike, though no one noticed it of course until Trey pointed it out. Other noteworthy things are that there were dark clouds in the sky early on, hinting at bad weather that faded away during Divided Sky, and after Trey says "Look, the storm's gone" in the post-narration, there is tremendous applause. After that, the song is fairly standard perfection.