8-8-97 Gumbo review

Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 15:26:00 -0500 From: sonorous Subject: 8/8/97 Gumbo I gotta say i just adore this gumbo, and how can you not. From the opening of the jam its downlow and funky with the phinest. I think summer 97 was one of the Best yet, and this jam emphazises it. Its just sooooooooooo sweet. I have a crispy DAUD1, and it just sounds so good. The funk is prevalent to start it, with the whole band following Trey's intro solo. But it's not heavy and loud, like the versions of yester years. Instead, its low to the ground, funky, lots of Wah action, and trey uses an effect on top of the Tubescreamer(he uses it in the Gin theme now too, you know what i mean) he does these Trill rolls from one note to the other. As im listening to this, Its clear that Trey is seriously Jazz influenced. I think he uses syncopation in his Jams better than almost any other guitarist ive ever heard. Anyone agree....well moving on..... they solo drifts, page playing the organ softly i think. Then Trey turns on his midi harmonizer, which has to be one of the coolest effects ive ever heard. He starts repeating a phrase, and the band joins him, building, louder and louder. Its a rock jam, but its not played like rock, its played like funk, which is awesome. Mike punches out some tight bass lines. Page on the Clav. The phrase is just repeated and played with, till it changes. Page becomes more apparent on the lower octaves of the clavs. Trey drops an octave and repeats a similar phrase, letting the band join him. All of a sudden, the jam goes from being trey led, to being an organic one. Fishman becomes clearer, more defined. Trey takes the lead with some nice climbs up the doc, in time of course. He plays with a theme, fishman and mike get excited at one point, fishman plays some syncopated funk, then returns to the old beat, adding toms in for fun. Mike is slapping, but maintaing a low bass too. How does he do that?? He can play like two basslines at once....shite....trey starts funking it out with the wah, adding in a chord between phrases, which get quieter. Page is definetly clearer now, he starts using what i think is the organ, softly and quietly, almost over the band. Everyone quiets down, except fishman who's syncopating like a mad man. YOu hear Trey turn on the Tubescreamer and he comes in high on 'doc. Mike repeats a funk bass line, page lowers his organ with a loud swoosh, then raises it again. I sense a build up and there it is. Its a pretty simple riff, but it just sounds so good. It sounds like an oldschool rock song. Page is using the organ like a huffer(like he does in the 8/20/93 Harpua when he makes the sound of the Lizard walking). Were back in Gumbo mode now, Trey belts out some nice high pitched sustained notes to bring up the Jam. Page floats to the Piano. They're back to the riff but Trey is playing it an octave higher. THe jam kinda falls back, breaking loose, Trey takes a definite lead now, playing in major rock mode, playing and inspired Jam. Then revisiting the riff, fishman is playing very loosely. Page is rocking out on the piano. The jam is now in full on rock mode, the way the ghost jam does. Trey begins to Trill some notes in rock star fashion, then he pulls a sustained high note to bring the jam back around. Then he lets it quiet down, with a long drawn out fading note. MIke drops out, page and fishman stick around, page carefully playng high. Trey comes in with a harmonizer, playing uphigh but quietly, the note still fading(digidelay) page playing a little theme. It sounds like the Diedown in Halleys from Hampton 97'.....then note is still there, everyone stops, the note draws out and fades as trey steps into Lizards....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm well i guess i made a review of this post. Just wanted to comment on this nice ass Gumbo.