Subject: Drinking 10/28/91 Telluride
Gin Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 14:23:02 -0400 (EDT)
From: benjy eisen
BathtubGinFiles #22 10/28/91 Elk Ballroom; Telluride, CO
GinStats: Set II Time: 6:58 The last set of a two-night stand in Telluride, as Trey makes note of in the beginning of this show. After Paul & Silas is mistaken by the band for Hall and Silas, Gin starts up like this: ">" Page jumps in at 0:16->0:46 Playing only marginally with Rhapsody In Blue and opting instead for some nice, mellow lounge observations. In my extensive knowledge of the subject, I feel absolutely justified when I say that Page was dissillusioned, through his early bouts with psycho-schitzo-lounge-abilia into thinking that he was the piano player for a wanna-be-ritzy hotel lobby. Holiday Gin perhaps? :) Lyrics Segment: 0:47 Page Fill 1: 1:17->1:33 First tackling a theme found in Willy Wonka (and other's a classical tease really. Similar to a basic trill.) and then drills the Rhapsody with full heart. Fill 2: 2:04->2:12 Starts off with a few notes from Rhapsody before sort of just fizzling out...(Page, the party hasn't even started yet, babes. :) ) "And we love to take a hot-tub" sings Trey, showing off his incredibly creative ad-lib skills :) To be fair, it is quite humorous the way he accents it. I think he wanted to finish with "bath" but couldn't fit it in rythmically. FAUCET: 2:27 So-so. Neither here nor there. SINGING W/THE FAUCET: 3:06 Clean and smooth, the way a good, slightly aged Gin should go down. They do it here with style and all the grace of a Gin conniseur... WATER FROM THE FAUCET: 4:19 OUCH! OUCH-OUCH-OUCH!! Trey started off this segment by coming in on an off-colored note that would leave anybody with a sense of pitch wincing. He was obviously trying to extend the Faucet Lick, maybe a bit higher on the 'doc, but whatever it is he was aiming for, it didn't go over too well. A second later though and all is forgiven, and we are entering high-powered jet-spray Faucet Lick territory. Around 4:35 Trey discovers a very melodic and entirely pleasant CFTheme-oriented lick and continues with it before retuning back to the CFL give or take some alterations on the phrasing. At about 5:08 he decends down the fretboard before bringing us back to the CFL yet again. As we're about to see, this is definately a defining characteristic of this version and its overriding theme (CFL->decending lick->CFL). As I was saying: He repeats this whole process once more (CFL->decending lick->CFL) then explores some Faucet-region licks, tricks and related melodies and then returns yet again to the Classic Faucet Lick before immediately decending us yet again and in doing so *finally* plunges us head first into the bottom of this hot-tub. It was as if, at first, we were surfing the waves of the Classic Faucet Lick, and in-between Trey would dunk our heads under the water, but pull us up by the hair to ride another CFL. We were "bobbing on the surface" really, but now we're "feeding from the bottom". In the 6 minute regions we're under water baby, and feeling a baby hose start to drip slowly into our Gin. (Watch this develop over the next few years as the Baby Hose gently Aug. 93 we'll see some Golden Ones, and beyond that, a spray so powerful, it'll flood the entire town of Lexington, KY...:-] ) But anyway - Near 6:40 it almost gets ugly how low and deep we are, there's no light down here in these regions except far off in the distance I see a cave that we entered in some Future Gins (11/11/94 Fox, 10/17/96 Bryce-Jordan, etc). Quickly now, we have an oxyGIN tank scare and Trey leads the way upwards swiftly so that, in a matter of seconds, we're back to the CFL and simultaneously, perfectly together now, just as we break through to the air-surface, "BATHTUB GIN" REFRAIN: 6:54 which brings this to an end. Rating: 78 Proof Well-worth having, but not a must-have by any means, this Gin exemplifies the wonderful progress that this song has taken since its birth, just two years earlier. While revealing its monstrous potential, in the process it reveals some pretty smooth moments itself. Indeed, "smooth" may be the best possible adjective to describe this short but satisfying Gin. Not bad for a '91, the only hampering quality is still its legnth...a criticism that plagues this song even in the present - often when its just about to take flight, the boys wrap it up. This theme of CFL->exploration->CFL will be perfected and stretched out in ways never thought imaginable, but for now we have it's beginnings. Overall, "smooth" is the word, and 78 Proof is the sword :) Walk with light my friends, Benjy