Subject: Drinking 6/26/95 Gin: SPAC
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 16:20:02 -0400 (EDT)
From: benjy eisen
BathtubGinFiles #21 6/26/95 S.P.A.C.; Saratoga Springs, NY
GinStats: Set I Time: 8:22 Starts after a rousing Don't You Wanna Go, and I know that I, for one, sure do! Gin starts at 0:00 with some nice roLLLs from Fish in the first 15 seconds or so. Some real nice subtle musings from Mike as well. Page jumps in at a typical 0:17->0:33 dropping a particularly bouncin' variation of the Rhapsody (good Page!) before Trey rushes into the Lyrics Segment: 0:34 Page Fill 1: 1:04->1:20 Page is in a "Olde-tyme saloon ragtime piano player" type of mood, if ya' know what I mean :) It's quite rousing actually and makes me want to start a brawl while playing poker or something. Blame it on Page. Blame it ALL on Page :) "We're all in the ___ " (Trey flubs the 'bathtub') Fill 2: 1:53->2:02 Pure Rhapsody in Blue quoting this time. FAUCET: 2:17 Weak and filled with flubs. :( Trey even hits a wrong note once-or-twice. This ranks with the reeking rusty faucets, unfortunately. SINGING W/THE FAUCET: 2:59 Starts off *really* shakey but improves quickly until by the second run-through it is finally up-to-par. 3:41's run-through is standard, on par hinting at WATER FROM THE FAUCET: 4:13 announced by Trey's extended suspensions of the CFL notes before he flows quietly into a sedated Santana-esque mode. The image he begins to paint is of a soggy and wet doggy trying to run on top of Santana tablature. By 5:06 he pulls out a typical Trey-trick decending lick while the others funk along; Fishman keeps no steady beat but rather offers up erratic interjections and percussive ejaculations. If you recall, the Summer of '95 was marked by extensive focus on experimentations with little or no perma-driving rhythm and we find out here that this period characteristic was brought even into the bathtub.:) At 5:31 Trey sings one, awkward note as they all experiment with new bathtub toys in place of the old soap-on-a-rope and rubber ducky. By 5:43 Page is chording the CFL but to no avail - Trey is soloing in a typical Trey but NOT typical Bathtub fashion. If the notes weren't in the CFT (which they are) I'd call it almost a YEM-jam, as it has that feel to it. Trey's mind is soaked maybe in Gin but definately not from a faucet. At 6:37 there's a deserved reaction from the crowd as the band has returned triumphantly to the CFL, all together now. Some scratches, then everyone is sort of off in their own worlds, creating somehow a collective vamp-like feel followed by a subsequent b-r-e-a-k-d--o--w--n done beautifully as we sink softly until we are gently pulled back up on the wings of the CFL. Nice! By 7:19 they are building it up, building it, when Trey plays a little lick at 7:24 which he has played before/since in Gin. I don't think that this is a tease despite its familiar sound, and is just a "Trey lick" as, like I said, he has played it before and since in Gin, and in other places perhaps. Meanwhile, back in the Bathtub, Trey starts singing with this lick-in-question! Singing with the SPACKET at: 7:30 sounds like words, but I can't make them out. Then returns, with the band, triumphantly to a typical Gin jam briefly before the final, sung, "BATHTUB GIN" REFRAIN: 8:22 which brings it to a close. After a few seconds pause, NICU starts up. The jam, although short, had some moments of lameness answered by a few moments of greatness. I don't think that the Hose was ever truly attained, although there was definately a stream of water to be found coming out of the faucet. Did you ever turn on a faucet and at first it has spasms of water alternated with spasms of air? That's what this Water from the Faucet section wa like, coming after a particularly rusty beginning (it shouldn't have been, since they played this just 6 days earlier...). Although the Singing From the SPACket and all points afterwards were very meritous, the 3/4ths of the song leading up to it can't be overlooked. The great moments were resting on a shakey foundation which factors into the subjective rating system... Rating: 76 Proof (C/C+) The second of only two Bathtub Gins during the unique "Space Camp Summer of '95" - A tour for many things...but not Bathtub Gin, which wouldn't be "clicking" in its song cycle again until the fall. And when it does - boy does it ever :) Walk with light my friends, Benjy