Subject: Live from New York: Drinking 5/12/92 Gin
Date: Sun, 25 May 1997 14:02:35 -0400 (EDT)
From: benjy eisen BathtubGinFiles #25 5/12/92 St. Lawrence U.; Canton, NY
GinStats: Set II Time: 7:32 Trey starts this one up as usual, followed almost immediately by some nice woodblock commentary, care of our friend and neighbor, Jonathan Fishman. Mike would like to take this time to introduce us to a very pleasant bass harmonic. Page jumps in at the usual on-the-mark 0:16 -> 0:47 as the band goes full-throttle, but sort of sputters at one point (the band as a whole that is) and it leaves Page without much of an effort just yet. Some mellow piano jazz musings from him lead us to the... Lyrics Segment: 0:47 The vocals are weak, but it seems like that's a sound problem, as Trey sounds strong, just undermixed (I have a shitty quality of this, so that might be some of it). Page Fill 1: 1:20->1:35 Upstaged by Spike Gordon on the bass, ladies and gentlemen! Spike Gordon! Ladies and gentlemen, I said SPIKE GORDON! Damn, no wonder there's all this Indy 500 talk about him :) Fill 2: 2:08->2:17 and Page gives us the pure Rhapsody in Blue quote, brief as it may be here. FAUCET: 2:31. Typical. Except, once again, SPIKE GORDON, folks! SINGING W/THE FAUCET: 3:14 Right off the bat, it's a good one! Mike trills underneath, Trey staccato scats, Mike FLIPS OUT, singing with the faucet continues on undaunted...Page is joining Mike in the FLIP OUT department now. WATER FROM THE FAUCET: 4:28 anounced by "the note", then some serious trilling on Trey's part...maybe to get back at Mike? :) 4:50 it's as if a record player were stuck on the same part of the CFL again and again, but it's sort of a nice getting-stuck on purpose and rolling in the muck. Trey finds some short themes/melodies to tool with in the 5:27 area and generally makes a groove of things, with solid time-keeping by Fishman. Excuse me, that motto should read, "Solid time-keeping and a whole lot more." Well it is, y'know. 5:48 Trey's found the CFL again, higher up on the 'doc. 6:15 Page FLIPS OUT 6:25 Trey FLIPS OUT Mike has been FLIPPED OUT since the start. 6:56 Fish FLIPS OUT How nice, we're all just sort-of **FLIPPING OUT** here. 7:00 some more earth-shaking...what the hell is this noise now? Fish rides the cymbals, simples, skyscrapers, Page takes the side of a skyscraper and lays it across the keys, once, to create a "boom!" sound. Either way, we're back in the Classic Faucet region, a glorious return indeed! Some Weekaponian slaps from Mike now, although you can tell they are wrapping things up, as Mike silently expresses the immortal words that, when spoken, opens the doors of Strangehendge - "Look at me now, bitch!" ENDS AT 7:32 with one, sung, "Bathtub Gin" refrain finale. Well, this Gin certainly is UNIQUE with a fingerprint all it's own. This is really MIKE'S GIN, as he's the one drinking, drank, drunk. Page does some pretty damned schitzo tactics as well, but unfortunately they get undermixed and hence, overshadowed. Even Trey had a certain approach to this Gin that is almost exclusive to this version, although overall the general feel and flow is *very* *very* close to the Gins from this period (4/18/92 Palo Alto, 4/25/92 Olympia, WA for instance). A month late, but this whole Gin has the unmistakable feel of 4/92, pleasingly enough. Rating: 84 Proof Definately enjoyable! Definately recommended! If you like this one, see also the two Gins mentioned above (4/18/92, 4/25/92) and vice versa. Walk with light my friends, Benjy