Subject: Drinking 5/10/91 Gin; Colby College
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 1997 15:57:06 -0500 (EST)
From: benjy eisen BathtubGinFiles #16 5/10/91 Colby College; WATERville, ME
GinStats: Set I Time: 6:57 The Landlady comes and goes in her usual magestic Carlos Santana grace, and is followed by the first notes of Bathtub Gin. Starts at the usual 0:00 (d'oh!) and immediately I'm running to the nearest set of bleachers so I can start jumping up and down, a "Phish" logo painted on my face, donning nothing but pom-poms and a little purple barett and shouting, "Here we go, Spike Gordan Here we go!" You go Spike man! Mike really funks it up in this intro... Page jumps in at 0:18 with a mellow Rhapsodic splash. Unfortunately he just sort-of disappears after just a few notes; perhaps running off to find a secluded space under the bleachers with the riff-raff...but that's all rumor. :) The fact remains that this is a below-par splash from Page. Splash? Why? Did you get wet? I sure didn't. Lyrics Segment: 0:50 Page Fill 1: 1:23->1:40 Sounds like he's having trouble figuring what to do. "When in doubt, resort back to Rhapsody In Blue." So he does. Fill 2: 2:13->2:20 Again, sounds a little rough and then he opts for trills to bail him out. Lucky us, the trills are tingling. FAUCET: 2:37 Also a bit rough, ragged and buzz-filled. Trey botches noticeably at one point. Ho-hum. SINGING W/THE FAUCET: 3:19 Continuing the previous roughness and lacking a certain energy that is called for in this section. The second attempt picks up a li'l, but not much. WATER FROM THE FAUCET: 4:34 with the calling note from Trey, followed by a huge interval jump, followed by CFT commenting. At 4:54 a dizzy, circular theme is decided upon by Trey and he goes with it for awhile. If guitars could yodel... Trey's 'doc yodels here, before it picks up steam and in the just-past-5 minute mark it doesn't just yodel it YODELS and it's a steamroller baby, it's gonna roll all over you. At 5:41 we climb stairs one by one, one-foot-in-front of the other. Baby steps up. Baby steps into the Bathtub. Around 6:00 a theme built upon using Faucet notes and is played with for just a short while, before related noodling follows. By 6:42 the jam is loosing steam though, and starts to wind-down a bit. Trey drops it a little, slowly moving lower on the 'doc. "BATHTUB GIN" REFRAIN: 6:56 sung once and it's meant as a closure. You can tell by the way they sing it, and sure enough this Gin ENDS AT 6:57 Rating: 68 Proof Don't let the location (WATERville, ME) fool you - there's little WATER involved in this 'tub, but the Gin's still strong enough to catch a slight buzz.